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Update From Your NACAC Delegates

Update from Your NACAC Delegates

NACAC Delegates

Since the change in NACAC voting procedures has moved from delegates only to all members, the role of the delegate has been questionable. Discussions in our own affiliate have led to the involvement of delegates on IACAC’s strategic plan ad-hoc committee. NACAC leadership sent out a list of questions for reimagining the assembly. Our group of delegates met virtually, discussed these questions, and submitted input back to NACAC. Much of this discussion was surrounding the timeline from proposal of ballotted items to voting. There is also concern regarding the path of leadership within our organization. The delegate role has proven to be a learning experience, often leading to other positions on our executive board. This role has to maintain some integrity in order to attract members to run for it; it needs and deserves clear definition.

During the meeting of the delegates at the NACAC Conference in Seattle, your IACAC delegate directors met, discussed, planned, and composed, once again, ideas to ensure and maintain the integrity of this position. We delivered, in the meeting of the NACAC delegates, two items we felt were important in our mission to be the voice of our affiliate.\

  • Delegates should be involved in ballot development. Ballot proposals should come from the delegates to be voted on by membership.
  • In light of the dissolution of standing committees, delegates from each affiliate should be included in each of the ad-hoc committees.

As each affiliate came forward to present their ideas, many echoed our thoughts. There is certainly power in the cohesion of so many passionate professional educators from all around our country and beyond.

Given the current lack of direction and clarity of definition, the leadership of IACAC resolved at the executive board and membership meetings in Seattle to move forward and to serve our members. We have always been an independent association of professionals charting our own course based on what is best for our members. We are a member-driven association and as your elected delegates, we resolve to serve you as you serve Illinois students. The current state of affairs at the national level strengthens this resolve.

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