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Retirees is formally part of the Membership Committee

2023-2024 Committee Chairs

B.C. Juettner

Lianne Musser

Executive Board Liaison

Membership Chairs


The retirees group is charged with linking together our former active members with the current organization. The goal is to bring alumni together for programs, social events, conferences and/or other activities of IACAC. The keeping of this wealth of experience and past history of the IACAC organization is the purpose behind this committee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although you just met at Baker's Square, do you typically meet at the Cracker Barrel? If so, is it the same one?

We have two luncheon meetings in the fall and two in the spring. One meeting is held in the Chicagoland area and one in Central part of the state. Suggestions are always appreciated on various meeting places.

I'm retiring and I would like to still be involved as an IACAC member, what should I do?

Join IACAC as a retired member. You will have access to the IACAC website and a wealth of information. Volunteer on committees as your experience is so needed.

How do I stay in contact with other alumni since my work email isn't valid any longer?

Get a personal email account with Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or any other venue. You will have access to all the retirees’ email addresses through the Membership Directory.

I would like to remain a member of NACAC, how does this work?

Join NACAC as a retiree at a very low cost, then you will have access to Member to Member which is a great source of information.

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