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Membership in the Illinois Association for College Admission Counseling is a privilege made available to eligible institutions and individuals as defined in the association’s By-laws and criteria established by the Executive Board. Members are encouraged to identify their school, college, or agency/organization as an IACAC member.

Members are encouraged to identify their IACAC affiliation in resumes or curricula vitae. Affiliation with the association should not be used by individual members to suggest to the public or to other educators any form of professional credential.

Membership Badge

IACAC members are encouraged to identify themselves and their institutions as IACAC members by using the IACAC membership badge, such identification shall not be used in a manner that suggests or implies endorsements by IACAC.

IACAC membership badge guidelines:

  1. All versions of the IACAC membership badge may be used by IACAC members only.
  2. The IACAC membership badge may not be altered in any way by any party.
  3. Verified IACAC members will receive an electronic version of the membership badge from the association yearly and must adhere to the following rules:
    1. The primary IACAC membership badge may be placed next to, but may not be incorporated into, any other logo or graphic design.  Likewise, the logo may not be combined or placed over other design elements such as photography, type, or borders.
    2. The badge’s original horizontal-to-vertical proportions must remain intact, and the badge’s color should not be changed.
  4. IACAC may revoke any member’s right to use the membership badge if the member fails to adhere to this policy for any reason.
  5. Failure to follow the IACAC policy on member identification with IACAC may also serve as the basis for censure, suspension or termination of membership.

Badges are available for download within the members only portal.

Updating your membership profile is easy and important! As IACAC looks to create a new strategic plan, the data about our members is crucial in guiding the vision of that plan. Set a calendar reminder to login and update your profile. Below is a quick video on how to update your information.

In additional to updating your profile, review the committee groups you have joined! Stay in the ones you are still interested in but remove yourself from the ones you are no longer interested in.

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