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Plane O'Fun Tour
Summer Counselor College Bus Tour

2016-2017 Committee Chairs

Kato Gupta
West Leyden High School
(847) 451-3124

Daniel Miller
Adlai E. Stevenson High School
(847) 415-4509

Executive Board Liaison

Mike Ford
Professional Development Council Team
Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart


The purpose of Summer Tours is to offer meaningful professional development opportunities for high school counselors to tour college campuses each summer and meet with admissions office staff about their programs and application plans.


Runs every other summer, during odd numbered years.

Next tour: 2017

Runs every other summer, during even numbered years.

Next tour: 2018

Runs every other summer, during even numbered years.

Next tour: 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can go on the Summer College Tours?

Any high school counselor, independent counselor, or person that is enrolled in a Masters Degree counseling program can participate in the tour.

How do the tours work?

Week-long trip: We meet on a Sunday morning, return Friday afternoon. Part of the tour will include a visit with the IACAC Summer Institute host school.

Micro Bus Tour: We begin on Tuesday morning and conclude in the late afternoon/early evening on Thursday.


All trips: We usually visit 2 or 3 schools a day. At each school we have an admissions presentation, a walking tour, and usually a meal. In the evenings there is usually free time for counselors to explore the local area or just relax in their rooms.

What types of overnight accommodations are there?

We stay overnight in either a local hotel or a nice college residence hall. There are always two counselors to a room. Unfortunately we are unable to honor requests for single rooms.

How are the schools on the trip chosen?

Schools are chosen based on several criteria. On the previous year’s trip the counselors vote on schools in the area we plan to visit. The top vote-getting schools are then taken into consideration. The final list is determined by travel times, proximity to other schools and a variety of type and size of schools.

What determines if it will be a plane trip or a bus trip?

In odd numbered years, e.g. 2017, the Bus O’ Fun travels to a nearby Midwestern area.

In even numbered years, e.g. 2016, we travel by plane to a more distant area of the country and then tour the schools by bus.

On the years we schedule a plane trip, IACAC also hosts a micro-tour. The micro tour is three days and two nights, and visits schools in Illinois and/or contiguous states.

How do I register to be a participant on a tour?

Online registration for the trip will be available on the IACAC website in mid-December. Counselors must submit a deposit in order reserve their spot on the tour. Applicants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Tours generally fill up quickly so get your application in early.

How much will the trip cost?

The cost of the trip is determined by the cost of the plane/bus, the distance traveled, and the cost of hotels. Recently, the bus trips have cost around $450, the plane trip around $800, and the micro-tour around $200. This cost includes bus/plane costs, overnight accommodations and most meals. Counselors will be responsible for some of their meals.

Is there financial assistance available?

Counselors should check with their school district to see if help is available. IACAC also offers two $200 grants to counselors. These grants are awarded to counselors that work with underrepresented student groups, or to counselors that districts will not help them with the cost. Counselors that have not received a grant previously will be given first consideration.


There are no upcoming events at this time.

Committee Members

Bus/Plane O’ Fun
Kara Dollaske, York High School
Scott Lilly, Glenbard East High Schol
Eric Melton, Schaumburg High School
Natalie Rubino, Glenbard West High School

Micro Tour
Matt Kirby, St. Charles North High School
Scott Lilly, Glenbard East High School

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