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2019-2020 Committee Chairs

Scott Lilly
Glenbard East High School

Micro Tour Chair

Becki Bellito
Vernon Hills High School

Bus/Plane Tour Chair

Sarah McDougal
Fenton High School

Bike Tour Chair

Executive Board Liaison

Professional Development Council Team
Paul Welsh, NACAC Delegate Director – Secondary
Fenton High School


The overall purpose of the committee is to continue offering annual professional development opportunities to professional school counselors over the summer in the form of direct college campus visits in new and exciting parts of the country, which we hope to bring back to all of our students as we work collaboratively with families to find the best fit for every student.


At this time, the Summer Tours Committee is planning the 2019 Bus and Bike O’Fun tours. Stay tuned for more details this December!


There are no upcoming events at this time.

Committee Members

Kara Dollaske, York High School
Greg Stolzer, Downers Grove North High School

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