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2023-2024 Committee Chairs

Kristina Luster
Mount Carmel High School

Alejandro Campos
University of St. Francis

Will Schuneman
Aurora University

Executive Board Liaison

Member Relations Board Team
Evan Wilson, Board Director


The purpose of the Government Relations Committee is to inform IACAC members of pertinent public policy issues and upcoming legislation that affects counselors and students. Government Relations members also promote the goals of IACAC to government officials at the local, state, and federal level.


The Government Relations Committee meets throughout the year in addition to a trip to Springfield and Washington, DC where members meet with legislators to discuss current education issues. We also host a session at the IACAC Annual Conference.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to support the efforts of the Government Relations Committee, but I am unable to attend meetings or participate in the lobbying trip to Springfield, what can I do?

The easiest thing you can do is to use the NACAC’s Legislative Action Center. From here, you can search for current state and national legislation that will affect you and your students and make use of pre-written letters to sign and email to your current legislators.

I would like to know more about issues in education and college access, where can I find more information?

NACAC’s Government Relations website maintains a list of the latest developments in legislation of interest to the National Membership. At the State Legislation Portal you can search more in-depth on Illinois Issues as well as topical issues. Also, NACAC’s Policy Recommendations page outlines many current policies and links to research and insights on current trends/issues.

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