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2018-2019 Committee Chairs

Sylvia Hernandez
Michigan State University

Eric Ruiz
University of Saint Francis

Betsy Stevens
University of Pittsburgh

Executive Board Liaison

Student and Family Outreach Council Team
Stephanie Szczepanski, Treasurer
Saint Louis University
(872) 241-9400


The Illinois College Fair Committee shall be responsible for establishing the Illinois College Fair schedule, overseeing policy and procedures, promoting the Illinois Regional College Fairs, and overseeing the planning and implementation of the Articulation Unplugged program held each fall. The Illinois College Fair Coordinator shall be the chairperson and the committee shall consist of nine members, each of whom shall serve a three-year term. In addition, the Treasurer-Elect shall serve as the tenth member of the committee. Efforts will be made to include a member who serves on the Chicago National College Fair Committee and at least one member who will also serve as the chief organizer(s) of Articulation Unplugged.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Illinois College Fair Committee will be:

  1. to continually evaluate and prepare the yearly college fair schedule
  2. to monitor the quality of each program listed on the IACAC College Fair Calendar
  3. to regulate the policies established for Illinois Regional programs and Articulation Unplugged: schedule, fee structure, etc.
  4. to promote The IACAC Statement of Practices and Courtesies as it applies to college fair programs and Articulation Unplugged
  5. to oversee and monitor Articulation Unplugged program
  6. to align the committee goals and initiatives with the IACAC Strategic Plan


There are no upcoming events at this time.

Committee Members

Jennifer Brown, North Central College
Alison Crowley, Northern Michigan University
Carl Krause, Lake Zurich High School
Kylie Mussay, University of St. Francis
Kim Myers, Marist High School
Megan O’Rourke, Marquette University
Nick Sanders, Parkland Community College
Molly Shock, Bradley University
Erin Updegraff, DePaul University
Jose Valencia, Lakeview High School
Keegan White, Lawrence University

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