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Candidates For Executive Board 2023

Candidates for Executive Board 2023

Tony Minestra
DePaul College Prep
Nominating Committee Chair
IACAC Past President

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. ~ John F. Kennedy

As an organization, we have embraced many changes in the past few weeks and months. A NACAC Special Member Vote in November of 2022 eliminated the role of the “Delegate” from NACAC affiliates. Immediately following that decision, our Executive Board began crucial conversations on how IACAC should move forward and embraced a potential re-imagined identity. IACAC leadership has been in proactive conversation around these potential changes for some time, and a significant amount of energy has been spent re-engineering a vision for our organization. Big shout out to the Delegates (likely the last of their line) for taking the lead on this and for their patience, humility, and creativity. Our north star through this entire process has been a call to take care of our own, by elevating and cultivating leadership and growth opportunities from within our organization. In addition to the Delegates, the Credentials and Nominating Committees have worked incredibly hard, more so than a typical year, to carry out this call to action.

Here’s a quick recap of the recent changes to our Executive Board structure:

1. The terms “Delegates” and “Council Team Directors” are out. The term “Board Director” takes their place. 12 “Board Directors” serve 3 year terms. Current continuing board members will serve out their remaining respective terms, and transition to the new “Board Director” role.

2. The Secretary cycle moves to a three year model (like every other board position). Secretary-elect is a new elected role, and in the third year of the cycle, the Secretary moves into our Parliamentarian role. (More to come on that next year!)

With those changes made, the Nominating Committee went to work slating an incredible group of candidates. I am completely stoked about this line-up. Absolute rock star slate. In my eyes, we accomplished exactly what we had set our intentions to do at the start of this journey – we honored representation and identity, in all its beautiful iterations, across the slate.

Our President-elect candidate is single-slated, as is tradition in the past. We have two candidates for both Treasurer-elect and Secretary-elect, and we will elect one in each of those categories. We are presenting the slate for Board Director as ONE ballot. Voters will get 5 choices (of the 12) and they will be granted a choice to “rank” their 5 votes, 1 to 5, with “points” assigned to the process.

To account for regional representation, the TOP vote receivers each from Region 1 and Region 2 will each be elected – but we will not separate those folks into different ballots. We will determine this difference in the vote tallying process. The next three will be “wild cards” – elected from any region, and will be the next 3 highest vote/point totals, to bring our group to 5 total.

Elections for the Executive Board will open electronically on April 26th, after the Annual Membership Meeting. IACAC By-Laws specify that each individual voting member has the right to vote for IACAC officers and directors. Electronic ballots will be sent to voting members at 5:00 pm on April 26th and members will have until 10:00 am on April 27th to submit their votes. Those that cannot vote electronically during that timeframe should request a proxy ballot by April 21st by emailing Meet the candidates by clicking the image below or here.

I welcome your questions in this new process and my sincere thanks goes to IACAC Leadership, the Executive Board, and the Nominating Committee. This has been one of the most professionally fulfilling efforts of my career – I am very proud of the intentional and thoughtful work the Nominating Committee put in to get here.

Be good.


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