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2023-2024 Committee Chairs

Brian Hodges, Past President
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


The Nominating Committee’s main responsibility is to gather and review nominations for candidates for the offices of the Executive Board. In addition, this committee works with the nominations for the IACAC awards and honors.


1. Development of Candidate Slate
2. Selection of Patricia A. Kasowski Award recipient

Essential Questions for 2023

  • Professional Experience vs Personal Identity
  • Track Record of “work” as a predictor of outcomes/effectiveness?
  • Evaluation of skill set and “fit” as it relates to role?
  • Balancing opportunity sharing with “rewarding” past accomplishments
  • Should the board be appropriately representative of the membership? (as a %)?
  • Geographic Identity/Representation >=< Racial/Gender/Ability/Sexuality Identity?
  • What identities are we leaving out?
  • What identities are essential to well-represented work?
  • Professional Identity – WHO do the folks serve? What populations do they represent?
  • For which identities and outcomes should we be prioritizing and creating space?
  • How are nominations gathered?
  • How do we communicate and market the role, and its value to potential nominees?
  • How do we build up the benefits? And be honest about the challenges?
  • How are nominations reviewed?
  • How is the nomination committee structured?
  • How much intentional organization/re-arranging/categorizing do we consider? (Engineering predetermined outcomes)
  • What role do current and continuing board members play in the recruitment and retainment of rising talent?

Can a member self-nominate for IACAC positions?

Absolutely! We encourage interested members to nominate themselves for positions.

What are the responsibilities of an IACAC Board member?

Executive Board members should attend all regular meetings and follow the guidelines within the IACAC By-Laws and Leadership Manual for each specific position. Some Board positions also require individuals to chair or serve on IACAC standing committees.

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