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Illinois Regional College Fairs

2022-2023 Calendar

The IACAC Illinois College Fair Committee is pleased to announce that the 2022- 2023 College Fair Calendar is now live!

IACAC-hosted registration for IACAC Illinois Regional College Fairs (IRCF) will open later this summer. The calendar also includes IACAC Recognized, Transfer, City of Chicago, and local NACAC fairs; you may contact these fair coordinators directly for registration details.

Important: This calendar should not be interpreted as a blanket invitation to programs listed throughout. Illinois Regional College Fairs (IRCF) require registration and fees. Non-IRCF fairs will formally invite those institutions whose participation they desire. Admission representatives are welcome to contact individual fair organizers (listed with each program) to request an invitation. Representative trying to register on-site for programs to which they have not been invited to attend may find themselves being turned away.

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