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Summer Institute Committee 2015
Summer Institute Committee 2015
Summer Institute Committee 2015
Sharing the Dream Planning Committee 2015
Sharing the Dream Planning Committee 2015

You, our members, are the foundation of the association. Your talent and expertise in dealing with all aspects of college transition are needed in order for us to do our work!

You are invited to get involved by completing the form on this page. Remember, each committee strives to have a balance of members in relation to geography, gender, ethnicity, and institutional affiliation.

Your continued interest and support are what makes IACAC an outstanding organization, recognized throughout the country for uncompromising service to the students we represent.

Read descriptions of each Committee

Admission Practices
The Admission Practices Committee shall review annually the Statement of Principles of Good Practice of NACAC, the NACAC Monitoring Procedures for the Statement of Principles of Good Practice, IACAC Monitoring Procedures, and the IACAC Statement of Practices and Courtesies, and shall formulate and recommend changes to the IACAC Executive Board which shall determine whether to submit such recommendations to the NACAC Executive Board. This committee shall also be responsible for dealing with alleged infractions as defined by NACAC guidelines.

Annual Conference
Volunteer directly with a Conference Committee

College Awareness and Preparation (CAP)
The College Awareness and Preparation Committee shall be responsible for planning, coordinating, implementing, and staffing association-sponsored activities such as Camp College (each summer) to offer the expertise of IACAC to individuals throughout the State of Illinois who are seeking counseling and information regarding postsecondary admission and financial aid.

The Credentials Committee shall determine eligibility as outlined in these By-Laws for membership in IACAC; make recommendations to the Executive Board regarding criteria for membership in IACAC; investigate membership eligibility questions referred to it by the Executive Board; and review these By-Laws and recommend revisions when deemed appropriate, including revisions required to maintain their consistency with the governing documents of NACAC.

District Seminars
The District Seminars Committee shall be responsible for creating, coordinating, and implementing IACAC District Seminars in Region 1 and Region 2. These seminars will address guidance and admission concerns for high schools, community colleges, four-year colleges and universities.

Government Relations
The Government Relations Committee shall establish and maintain a communications network to inform IACAC members of issues evolving from the activities of other professional associations and state and federal governmental agencies; shall monitor legislative activity at the state level, and recommend relevant action to the Executive Board; and shall maintain liaison with the NACAC Government Relations Committee.

High School Counselor Professional Development
The purpose of the HSCPD committee is to provide free professional development opportunities for counselors and college counselors throughout the state. Our goal is to increase access and develop a network of professionals throughout the state by using ZOOM webinar software as an alternate to attending in person.

Illinois College Fair Committee
The Illinois College Fair Committee shall be responsible for establishing the college fair calendar, overseeing policy and procedures, promoting the Illinois Regional College Fairs, and overseeing the planning and implementation of the Articulation Unplugged program held each fall. Efforts will be made to include a member who serves on the Chicago National College Fair Committee and at least one member who will also serve as the chief organizer(s) of Articulation Unplugged.

Inclusion, Access, and Success Committee
The Inclusion, Access, and Success Committee shall develop and recommend goals which promote sensitivity to human differences and guide the expansion of equal access for all students to postsecondary educational opportunities. The committee shall plan and recommend strategies for implementing a multicultural agenda for the association.

Media Communications
The Media Communications Committee shall be responsible for increasing the visibility of IACAC and promoting its college transition programs and services through media and marketing strategies. The Committee also coordinates articles, edits, and publishes IACAC’s newsletter, the Admission Essay. This committee shall also be responsible for promoting use of technology within the association.

The Membership Committee shall be responsible for reviewing, developing, and recommending promotional activities for membership in IACAC. The chair/s of this committee shall oversee production of the membership directory.

The Mentorship Committee shall function as an outreach of IACAC to provide new and veteran members with an opportunity to form partnerships for professional development.

National College Fair
The National College Fair Committee shall be responsible for assisting the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) in planning, coordinating, implementing and staffing the NACAC College Fair in Illinois. The membership of this committee shall be diverse and embrace secondary, postsecondary and community-based organizations.

The Nominating Committee shall nominate a candidate or candidates for each office to be voted on by the membership at each annual membership meeting. The membership of this committee shall be as provided in Section 1 of Article IV.

Professional Development Grants
The Professional Development Grants Committee shall be responsible for promoting, reviewing and awarding grants for professional development opportunities within IACAC and NACAC.

Professional Connections
The Professional Connections Committee shall be responsible for communicating and coordinating IACAC services with like organizations, who offer expertise to individuals throughout the State of Illinois seeking counseling and information regarding postsecondary admission and financial aid. Examples of such organizations would be ISAC, ISCA, CPS, etc.

Part of the Membership Committee, Alumni offers opportunities for retired members to share their expertise and provide continued service to the profession.

IACAC established the Scholarship Foundation to award 10 students, annually, with an award of $1,000. Our responsibility is to collect and review scholarship applications, resumes and essays of these students and work together to identify the most deserving students.

Strategic Plan (ad-hoc)
The Strategic Plan Committee develops the strategic plan for the organization. We are currently in year two of the 2015-2018 plan. While we continue to monitor the progress of the current plan with the help of the NACAC delegates, the bulk of our work is completed until Fall 2017 when we begin the work of creating the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan.

Summer Institute
The Summer Institute Committee shall be responsible for planning, coordinating, implementing and staffing summer training institute(s) for secondary and postsecondary college admission counselors.

Summer Tours
The Summer Tours Committee shall be responsible for planning, coordinating and implementing summer bus and/or plane tours to colleges for counselors involved in the college transition process.

Transfer Advisory
IACAC’s Transfer Advisory Committee serves all members of the transfer process: Community College Admissions, Transfer Center Coordinators and Directors as well as the four-year institution transfer admission counselors/Transfer Coordinators. This committee provides transfer-specific professional development opportunities and supports special projects and initiatives that serve transfer students.

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