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New IAS Resource Library

New IAS Resource Library

Diana Mondragón
Dundee Crown High School

The legacy of racism is evident in many social systems such as in healthcare, housing, and education. Some of this legacy, such as the disproportionate rates of BIPOC in the criminal legal system, are blatant. While some of it, such as undervalued home appraisals in BIPOC communities, requires a closer look. The abundance of information and the various places to find information out there can be disorienting and can cause people to step away rather than dive in.

It is the hope of the Inclusion, Access, & Success Committee that this Resource Library can serve as a useful, reliable, and constant source to help people educate themselves about racism. The crowd-sourced library includes suggested books, podcasts, articles, and other forms of media and it is now live on the IACAC website. When parts of the author’s identity are known they are provided so that people know who is behind the source.

Some of us have a lifetime of lived experiences that have helped forge our path on this journey, and some of us are fairly new to the topic of systemic racism. Wherever you are in your learning and unlearning, keep at it! And remember that learning and unlearning are only part of being anti-racist, your actions and application of your knowledge matters too. If you have suggestions for additions to the resource library please reach out to

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