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Top 10 Things You Should Know About The SPGP

Top 10 Things You Should Know About the SPGP

(Known as the NACAC Statement of Principles of Good Practice)

By Sandie Gilbert
Admission Practices Committee Co-Chair

#10. The SPGP is divided into 2 sections: Mandatory, (with Interpretations), and Best Practice

#9. The professional “Code of Ethics” in the Member Conventions section on page 2 governs the entire document.

#8. You can email anyone on the IACAC Admissions Practices Committee listed on our website to inquire about a potential violation.

#7. All violations are confidential; the NACAC form must be filled out and will be routed to the appropriate state’s AP affiliate chair.

#6. The national AP Committee is working to make the SPGP a more user-friendly document.

#5. Many inquiries about violations stem from poor practice, rather than violations. These are still addressed at the state and national level.

#4. Violations by non-member institutions or individuals are still addressed by NACAC.

#3. There are many “gray areas” that are brought forth to the AP Committee.

#2. Most infractions stem from a department, (separate from admissions),not knowing about or understanding the SPGP.

And the number #1 thing to know about the SPGP is…

  1. Violation of the May 1st commitment date for everything besides ED is the #1 infraction.

For more information about the SPGP and the AP Committee, visit our committee’s website or contact a committee chair or member.

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