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Candidates For Treasurer-Elect 2015-2016

Candidates for Treasurer-Elect 2015-2016

Christine GrotzkeChristine Grotzke Kathy MajorKathy Major



Christine GrotzkeChristine Grotzke

Regional Admissions Manager
Michigan Technological University 

M.S. in Predictive Analytics, DePaul University(Pending);
B.A. in Physics Education, Ripon College (2003)

Previous Employment:
Director of Undergraduate Admission, Concordia University Chicago (2007–2008);
Regional Director of Admission, Ripon College (2003–2007);
Undergraduate Admission Counselor, Concordia University River Forest (2003)

IACAC Member:  12 years

IACAC Activities:
Annual Conference On-Site Co-Chair (2013–present);
Annual Conference Exhibitor Co-Chair (2009–2010);
College Director/Board Member (2007–2009);
Annual Conference Raffle Co-Chair (2007–2008);
Government Relations Co-Chair (2006–2008);
Annual Conference Program Co-Chair (2006–2007)

NACAC Activities:
Legislative Conference Attendee (2007, 2008);
Conference Attendee (2004, 2010, 2014)

Other Activities:
CARR Member (2003–2007, 2008–present);
CARR Treasurer (2010–2012);
CARR Professional Development Chair (2005–2007)

Candidate Statement:

I am honored to be nominated to serve as Treasurer-Elect on the IACAC Executive Board. Although I have been an IACAC member since 2003, it doesn’t feel like that long ago that I was at Northwestern University for Summer Institute. Since then, I have participated on multiple committees serving as co-chair for a few, held an executive board position, and have met some of the most exciting colleagues and mentors along the way. My additional experience as Treasurer of the Chicago Area Regional Representatives will translate well to IACAC.

At IACAC, we must be fiscally responsible in order to provide services to help our members develop as professionals and support causes, such as Project Reach, that are so near to our hearts. My experience within IACAC, most recently as one of the on-site co-chairs for the annual conference, shows not only my keen attention to detail and dedication to the organization, but that I live the mission by trying to identify ways we can keep costs low and still hold an incredible conference.

In addition, I have had the pleasure of previously serving on the IACAC Board as a College Director and understand the amount of time and passion required of those who serve. I appreciate everything the current board members have done for the organization and hope to have the opportunity to continue their legacy. If elected as Treasurer-Elect, I will proudly represent and serve this wonderful organization that has given me so many opportunities to network and develop professionally over the past twelve years. Each one of you inspires me with your dedication to our profession and encourages me to take a greater role on the team.



Kathy MajorKathy Major
College Counselor/Guidance Department Chair
Joliet Catholic Academy

B.A. in Psychology/Social Work, Creighton University (1978)
Teacher Certification in Social Studies/Physical Education, Creighton University (1982);
M.A. in Exercise Science/Physical Education, University of Nebraska Omaha (1986);
School Counselor Certification, University of Nebraska Omaha (1988);
M.A. in Educational Administration, Governors State (2010)

Previous Employment:
State of Nebraska – ENCORE, Infant/Adolescent Case Worker (1978–1980);
Millard South High School, Teacher/Coach/Counselor (1982–1990);
Joliet Junior College, Fitness Center/Instructor (1994–1996)

IACAC Member:  9 years

IACAC Activities:
Annual Conference Registration & Hospitality Committee (2010–2015);
Annual Conference Program Committee (2011–2014);
Annual Conference Program Committee Tri-Chair (2013);
Micro Bus Tour Participant (2012 & 2014);
Mentorship Committee (2013);
Candidate for Executive Board (2012 & 2013);
District Seminars Tri-Chair (2013–present)

NACAC Activities:
Member 9 years; Conference Attendee (2014);
Conference Logistical Arrangements Sub-committee (2014)

Other Activities:
JJC College Fair Planning Committee (2008–present);
JJC College Fair Volunteer Coordinator (2010–2013)

Candidate Statement:

First let me say I am truly grateful for this opportunity to run for the IACAC Board. I am very
excited to serve this organization and its members who have contributed so much to my own
professional development.

Part of my value system, learned from my parents, is the belief you are right where you are
supposed to be. I was taught to be thankful for every day, make sure not to miss life’s lessons
being taught every day, and that we must pass on the gifts we’ve been given. I see and
experience a lot of these same values in IACAC and its members. The collegiality, mutual
respect, warmth and welcoming I’ve experienced participating in various programs and
working on committees energizes me. The professionalism of the organization supports me
on my journey to do the best job I can for the students I serve. The opportunity to learn from
the best in the field that IACAC provides helps me grow and become a better professional.
This is what IACAC means to me. For me, IACAC affirms my belief that I am in fact exactly
where I’m supposed to be.

I am seeking the position of Treasurer Elect for several reasons. I would like to give back and
support the organization and its members and I would work tirelessly to fulfill all
responsibilities of the position. I feel I have strong leadership and collaboration skills to bring
to the Executive Board. I can’t think of anything more rewarding than representing the best
interests of IACAC and its members and working to provide the services our students need to
navigate the college-going process and the services our members need to advocate for the
accessibility of the college dream for all of our students.

Finally, I have gained so much more from my involvement with IACAC than I could give back,
but I want to try. I want to do whatever I can to work with all of you to continue the great
work that IACAC does.

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