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Everything You Wanted To Know About Project Reach But Were Afraid To Ask

Everything You Wanted to Know about Project Reach but Were Afraid to Ask

By Marsha Hubbuch, College Counseling Services
Project Reach Co-Chair

Q: What is Project Reach?

Project ReachA: Project Reach is a service project of IACAC in which new or gently used school supplies, college reference materials, and a monetary award are collected to donate to a high school in Illinois in need. The recipient school is recognized at the IACAC Annual Conference in the spring.

Q: Which schools have received Project Reach donations? 

project reach 500 0776A: Cairo Junior/Senior High School (2011), Little Village Lawndale High School (2012), and Saint Anne Community High School (2013) have been selected as Project Reach recipient schools. Any school that serves students in the college transition process and has a large percentage of students in need of additional resources is encouraged to submit an application. 

We also donated supplies and collected a special donation totaling $1,715 for Washington Community High School following the tornado that ripped through that area and destroyed many homes in the area this past November.

Q: How can I nominate a school to be the Project Reach recipient?

A: Submit a nomination online. along with information about past recipients is there. Nominations can be submitted for your own school or any other Illinois high school. The deadline for submission of applications is February 3, 2014.

Q: How can I donate?

A: Here are four ways to donate:

  • Project Reach Donation Booksput a box in your office in which staff and students can collect school supplies (pens, paper, backpacks, calculators, college guides, …)
  • Donate money or gift cards for office supply stores, Target, etc.
  • go to the RAM Restaurant on Wednesday night of the conference
  • sign up for the Project Reach 5-K held at the Conference or purchase a shirt by following the links on the IACAC website

Donations may be dropped off at all of the District Seminars or the IACAC Annual Conference in May.

Q: How can going to The RAM Restaurant help Project Reach? 

A: The Ram Restaurant, near the Itasca Westin, has once again generously offered to donate 10% of their proceeds from Wednesday, April 30 to Project Reach. 

Q: Where can I get additional information or volunteer to help with Project Reach?

A: Contact any of the three co-chairs: 

[one-third]Kris Harding
Illinois State University
(309) 438-3914[/one-third] [one-third]Marsha Hubbuch
College Consultant
(708) 250-5147[/one-third]

Anabel Menifee
University of Cincinnati
(630) 474-9575[clear]


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