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Admission Practices Committee

ABC's: Advocacy, Best Practices, Collaborative Conversations

Transfer Advisory Committee

Canva Tutorial

High School Counselor Professional Development Committee

Financial Aid - Special Populations

Counselor CAMPS: Free Tech Tools

Counselor CAMPS: Partnerships

Counselor CAMPS: Supporting Special Populations

Counselor CAMPS: Supporting Underrepresented Students

Counselor CAMPS: Data Tracking and the Added Value of School Counselors

Virtual Programming Webinar - September 9, 2020

Virtual Programming Webinar Slides

reDefining the HSV Town Hall

Webinar Recording - August 5, 2020

reDefining the HSV Slides

Transfer Advisory Committee

Transferring from 2-Year to 4-Year: What High School Counselors Need to Know - April 29, 2020

Inclusion, Access, and Success Committee

Sharing the Dream 2020

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