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2022-2023 First-Year Scholarship Winners

2022-2023 First-Year Scholarship Winners

Scholarship Committee Chairs

When we first met as a committee this past summer, we were given the opportunity to rethink how we award the $10,000 that makes up the scholarship fund. We were encouraged to think outside the box and revamp our process, in an effort to achieve the greatest impact for our membership and students. While that brainstorming session and conversation are ongoing, we did take one small step for this application cycle. This year, we asked students to supply either their EFC or parents’ income on the application and, given the havoc COVID reeked on so many families over the past two years, we also asked counselors if there were outstanding circumstances which created financial hardships for their students. These factors, along with a students’ academic history, extracurriculars, essay, and counselor recommendation were taken into consideration during the review process.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the students who applied, the counselors who completed the recommendations, and our scholarship committee members. In the end, we reviewed 233 applicants from all over the state. Our scholarship recipients had an average GPA of 4.2 and among the recipients we had multiple varsity athletes, community advocates, volunteers with over 400 community service hours, students who participated in internships in the medical and financial fields, and two student body presidents. We are excited to announce that we were able to award scholarships to students from all 8 IACAC districts.

We asked the students to record a short video about themselves and their future plans. Again, congratulations to these students and their counselors. Without further ado, we would like to present the 2022 IACAC Scholarship recipients.

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