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2019-2020 Transfer Scholarship Winners

2019-2020 Transfer Scholarship Winners

Samantha Meranda, Cynthia Delgadillo, and Kristin Smigielski
Transfer Advisory Committee Chairs

This year, the IACAC Transfer Advisory Committee was pleased to award one $500 scholarship and one $1,000 scholarship for both the spring and fall semesters. These scholarships were awarded to students transferring from Illinois community colleges to four-year IACAC member institutions who exemplified outstanding academics, leadership, and involvement. Awardees also had well written essays about how the community college has shaped them as a transfer student. We saw an increase in the number of applications this year. For spring 2020, the scholarship committee reviewed 40 applications and for the fall of 2020, over 230 applications were reviewed, which was a record number of applications!

The Transfer Scholarship Subcommittee did a wonderful job considering all factors for applicants and carefully selecting our recipients. It certainly was not an easy task with so many well-deserving applicants this year.

Spring 2020 Scholarship Winners: 

Jacqueline Kaiser – $1000

Maria Arreguin – $500

Fall 2020 Scholarship Winners:

Melania Toczko – $1,000

Sedona Smith – $500

We thank all IACAC members who encouraged their students to apply for a scholarship.

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