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High School Visit Guide Is Being Discontinued

High School Visit Guide Is Being Discontinued

IACAC High School & Community College Visit Guide

Nate Bargar, Illinois State University and Courtney Wallace, Augustana College
Co-chairs, Ad-Hoc Committee for IACAC High School and Community College Visit Guide

As many of you learned at the IACAC Annual Membership meeting the High School and Community a College Visit Guide will cease production and distribution when subscriptions expire July 31, 2014.  This decision came out of extensive research and evaluation done over the last year. Ziggy Blackwell, Courtney Wallace, and Nate Bargar would like to extend a sincere thank you to all that made the online version possible, especially the IACAC Executive Board, Dan Saavedra, and the committee that helped us gather the information. 

With that said, we would ask our high school colleagues to please take a moment and review their high school websites and what information is shared regarding college visits. It would be very helpful in the planning of visits to your high school if your websites included information such as visit contact person, where to park, times to visit (i.e. lunchroom sort of visit), dates to stay away from (i.e. no school days, short schedules, homecoming, etc.), counselor contact information, and anything else that college representatives may need to know when visiting your school. 

Please feel free to contact Courtney Wallace or Nate Bargar with any questions that you may have.

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