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Matching Pairs And Hosting Affairs: Mentorship Committee Update

Matching Pairs and Hosting Affairs: Mentorship Committee Update


By Jennifer Coomer, SIUE; Liz Hannon, Barrington High School; and Jennifer Troupis, Purdue University
Mentorship Committee Co-Chairs

The Mentorship Committee has had a very busy year so far. To date, we have made 54 mentee/mentor matches from both the high school and college side. We are thrilled to see that more than 100 people are taking advantage of the opportunity to support one another in this ever-changing college admission world! Some of our matches report that they e-mail or call each other on a regular basis to exchange ideas and get questions answered. Other mentees/mentors get together to share a common interest, such as jogging or working out, and develop their relationship that way. The mentorship relationship is truly what you make of it!

Our next meeting will be held on Friday, April 4, on the campus of SIU-Edwardsville. We will devote time during that meeting to match new mentee and mentor applicants. We would encourage anyone who is thinking about mentoring a newer professional or someone who could benefit from having a mentor to submit an application. The application only takes a few moments to complete.

We are proud to host the Mentorship Reception, part of the Annual Conference. This reception is open to all counselors. We hope that you all attend this reception to mingle with fellow counselors and learn more about mentorship!

IACAC Conference Mentorship Reception

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