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Middle Management Institute… It’s a Great Place to Start!

By René Gomez
Lake Forest College 

During our weekly staff meetings, I have slowly figured out that I’m reserved. I am shy. I am a listener. I am a team player. That is who I am. It is hard to change. It is difficult to find your place but you keep trying to change and grow… 

Every year I find myself trying to explore new ways of improving myself professionally so I can make a more impactful contribution in my office. The most difficult part about improving yourself is that your old habits continue to “creep in” and impede you from finding your outlets to contribute. Hence, I stay quiet. I continue to take things in and I run into the “silent” situation often. It doesn’t mean that I’m incapable of doing things; it is just that I haven’t found ways to do it in an effective way…

 What am I getting at, you ask? 

The Middle Management Institute, or MMI, has shown me and many others different exercises to improve ourselves and our opportunities within our admission offices.

Before MMI last summer, I had recently finished my fifth year in admissions and my seventh year in the counseling field; I had begun to have some mixed feelings. Did I choose the right career path? How can I continue to revive myself and my passion for Admissions? How do I craft better ways to communicate?  What are my strengths and areas where I can improve?  There were many questions with few answers until MMI.

MMI is a forum where networking and support from your fellow colleagues is an expectation!  Sessions range from finding your professional work style to learning different offices’ structural progression. These are just two examples where you will learn how to fill the gaps in your professional development within our field. MMI allows you to learn from others who have been lifers and can relate to where we are and where we have been. It’s great to know that others have felt and been in my shoes and understand what I was thinking. Many of them would lend me a helping hand even if we had just met. It’s a great experience! 

Since MMI, I am now confident in approaching my colleagues and superiors and giving feedback about a project. I was involved in creating new territories for our in-state representatives. I am slowly becoming more involved in IACAC, outside of presenting at conference. Finally, I’m more involved with data analysis and have begun to supervise a new colleague. Wow… who would have thought? I have been given the opportunity to really hone in on specific areas to improve myself and it’s all thanks to the keys that were given at MMI. It helped me and I’m sure it can help you!  Come and grab your keys this summer as you continue to move your car along the Admissions Way. Keep your eyes and ears open and I hope you begin to give thought in joining us at Middle Management Institute this summer!

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