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More Programs And A New Name For ICE

More programs and a new name for ICE

ICE fair

By Carin Smith, Lawrence University
ICE Committee Chair

We have been busier than ever these past few months and I’m pleased to announce the following:

More Programs Coming

2 (possibly 3) new Illinois College Exposition programs will be added to the 2104-2015 menu. The College of DuPage will bring the fall program they have hosted for several years under the ICE umbrella and Rockford College (in partnership with the Rockford Public Schools) will be adding a spring, daytime event. This will bring the total number of Illinois College Expositions to 31.

New Names

The IACAC membership will be asked to consider change for our committee’s name by voting on this by-law amendment at the General Membership Meeting at the IACAC Annual Conference in May. We are looking to get away from “ICE” altogether. We’ve come to realize that ICE can also stand for: Immigration and Customs Enforcement and we have been made aware of some concerns and misunderstanding expressed by students and parents–to counselors–about this fact. We will propose that our group simply be called the Illinois College Fair Committee and that the events currently known as Illinois College Expositions (ICE) be titled Illinois Regional College Fairs.

First Professional Development Event this Summer

The Committee’s first professional development event is being planned (thanks to Drew Eder, Highland Park High School and Melanie Coffman, Independent College Consultant) for this summer. This will provide an opportunity for ICE on-site directors to come together and learn from each other and talk about best practices for running a fabulous regional college fair. This event will take place at Rend Lake College and hopes to draw many of the on-site chairs from southern ICE programs who often are not able to attend the annual meeting that takes place at the Annual Conference.

New Interactive Map of Fairs

We will unveil later this summer a fabulous new map feature as part of the College Day/Night Calendar area of the IACAC website. This interactive graphic will provide date, type and location search options for users.

Record Numbers

Finally, despite this year’s ICE registration fee increase, we have seen record numbers of colleges & universities registering for each of the 29 2013-2014 ICE events! 

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