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President’s Update: Proud

Todd Burrell, Laura Docherty, Mike Dunker, Sacha Thieme

Four generations of Presidents: Todd Burrell (outgoing President) stands with Laura Docherty (Past President), Mike Dunker (incoming President), and Sacha Thieme (incoming President-Elect) at the Annual Conference

By Todd Burrell, President
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

As many of you know, I truly enjoy listening to music. Over the years, I have shared various song lists with those I have worked with on the Annual Conference Committee in 2012 and the Executive Board this past year. This list is a compilation of songs for each member, and it is a comprehensive list covering many years of music and so many different genres. It truly is a diverse group of songs that represents the diversity of IACAC. I have to say that this is a list of songs that I listen to often and really enjoy.

One of the songs that I listen to daily is “Proud.” If you have watched “Biggest Loser” you have heard this song, as it’s the theme song for the show. I like this song for the message, which goes:

What have you done today to make you feel proud?
It’s never too late to try
What have you done today to make you feel proud?

I fully believe that if each IACAC member looked in the mirror, we would be able to see someone who has done something to make each feel proud. What have we done; in short, would be our work with the students and families on a daily basis. I know there are many of us who give back to not only the school community and the communities we live in, but also the IACAC community. This time and dedication is even more the reason to know that you have done something good each day.

When hearing this song each day on my drive to the office, I think about what I can do to make me feel proud. Many times, it is something simple and then other times it is a huge project and accomplishment. But no matter what, I make sure to accomplish this task I give myself. When I do, I feel so much better about my day.

Over this past year, I have so enjoyed my time serving in the role of President for IACAC. While I would be the first to state that this role is not an easy one and takes much time, I know that I have gained so much and will be a better person because of this opportunity. In addition, I have made so many connections that will only enhance my professional background.

I challenge all IACAC members to consider giving back to IACAC and if you are already, to consider taking on an even bigger responsibility. I know it has been said each year and so many times, but IACAC is only as strong as our members. And I also believe that because of this, IACAC is in a most fortunate situation to continue the momentum because of the strength of all in the association.

Think about the lyrics again from “Proud.” IACAC is a strong association because of all the things members do on a daily basis for the student and families and for IACAC.

Thank you, and thank you for the opportunity to serve.

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