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Ten Things Every Student Should Know Before May 1st


By the Admissions Practices Committee

As admissions decisions hit both mailboxes and email accounts, there will be many students looking for advice about what to do next prior to May 1st. The Admissions Practices Committee would like to provide some quick advice as students may turn to high school counselors for advice. Knowing that many high schools are using social media or in-house technology to provide information to students, we thought short bites of information might be helpful. These can easily be disseminated on your school’s Facebook, Twitter and other accounts as nice reminders. Please feel free to copy, edit, and paste for your needs. Good luck in the coming month!

  • May 1 = Enrollment Deposit Day
  • Deposit at only ONE university.
  • Complete all financial documents ASAP. Update your paperwork, including FAFSA, with actual figures rather than estimates.
  • Once you have made a decision, withdraw your applications via phone or email with the universities you are not attending.
  • Talk with your high school counselor about being on a wait list before you say “Yes.”
  • If you chose to be on a wait list, you should NOT send in a deposit until you have been admitted, and you may not be kept on a wait list past August 1.
  • Agreeing to accept a selective scholarship or submitting a housing deposit prior to May 1, is not the same as sending in an enrollment deposit.  You can still change your mind.
  • Talk to the colleges you are most interested in.  Get all your questions answered before you commit.
  • Ask for your dual-enrollment and AP/IB credits to be evaluated at each college to understand in advance what will be accepted.
  • Make sure you visit the campuses you plan to call home for four or more years!
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