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445 Colleges and 10,000 People Attend Chicago National College Fair

Chicago National College Fair 2012

By Mike Ford
Michigan State University

The 2012 Chicago National College Fair showcased 445 colleges and universities for students and families of the city of Chicago and the greater Chicagoland area. Over 10,000 people filled Navy Pier to visit with the various schools as well as educational workshops to learn about college fit, financial aid, preparing for pre-med study, collegiate athletics and tips for writing effective essays. Additionally, counselors were in place to provide guidance on a number of different topics in both English and Spanish.

In an attempt to make the registration process more efficient this year, NACAC encouraged students to register with their mobile phones. This accounted for nearly 20% of the total registrations. The program was also enhanced by the addition of several educational workshops, increasing the total to 16!

IACAC would like to recognize the efforts of the volunteers and presenters. Your support was instrumental in making this event a success!  There were 21 speakers at the 16 different educational workshops and 44 volunteers who helped coordinate bus activity, advise our students and families at the counseling center as well as countless other responsibilities.

If you haven’t yet filled out the survey in regards to the spring national college fair, you can find that link here:

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Thank you in advance for your assistance with this project!

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