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Report from the Chief Delegate: 2012 NACAC Assembly

By Roberto Suarez, NACAC Chief Delegate
Homewood-Flossmoor High School

Being a Delegate and IACAC’s Chief Delegate is a unique experience that all IACAC members should consider in one point in their career. The duty of keeping abreast on research and motions that influence policies and procedures regarding college admission is a powerful responsibility that impacts and changes the lives of students. You would be proud to know that your IACAC Delegates did a tremendous job in upholding IACAC’s national reputation of exceptional professionalism. Thank you to the following Illinois Delegates for their commitment and service to the best profession around—college admissions: Todd Burrell (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Anita Carpenter (Downers Grove South), Kevin Coy (Homewood-Flossmoor), Laura Docherty (Fenwick), Mike Dunker (Faith Lutheran), Anne Kremer (DePaul University), Julie Marlatt (College of DuPage), Lianne Musser (Lyons Township), Dave Shafron (Niles North), and Rob Walton (Northwestern University).

The 2012 NACAC Assembly took place in Denver, Colorado on Saturday, October 6, 2012. The Assembly elected three new members to the NACAC Board of Directors, heard remarks from two newly appointed Board directors, and took actions listed in the summary report below. A special congratulations to Illinois’ very own Jerry Pope of Niles North and West High Schools on being elected as an NACAC Board Director and IACAC member Ken Anselment of Lawrence University on being honored with the Excellence in Government Relations Award at NACAC’s Annual Membership Meeting.

It was a pleasure to serve as the Chief Delegate this past year. If you have any questions regarding the summary report listed below or NACAC’s 2012 Assembly, feel free to contact me or your IACAC Delegates.

NACAC Board of Directors

Katy Murphy, Director of College Counseling, Bellarmine College Preparatory (CA)

Directors: Jerry Pope, College Consultant, Niles North and Niles West High Schools (IL), Debi Hudson, College Counselor and Guidance Chair, St. Teresa’s Academy (MO)

Coordinator of the Presidents Council and Board Director: Amy Cembor, Senior Associate Dean of Admission, Providence College (RI)

Appointed Board Directors: Larry Griffith, Vice President, Gates Millennium Scholars Program and UNCF (Washington, DC) and Brian Prescott, Director of Policy Research, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (CO)

Statement of Principles of Good Practice
The 2012 Assembly adopted changes that can be found at NACAC’s Bulletin on NACAC’s 68th National Recap. Below is a bullet point list summarizing the changes that were voted on for immediate action.

  • Include time zones in the publication of special program deadlines
  • Delete the use of “Common Application members” as a particular application form under the best practice of not discriminating applicants using a particular application form
  • Under wait list best practices written notification can include either mail or electronic communication
  • Allow students a reasonable amount of time (at least 72 hours) to respond to an offer of admission from that institution’s wait list
  • Under “Education Monitoring Procedures and Penalties” a complainant must agree to maintain confidentiality while the complaint is being processed

New Business
Under new business, the 2012 Assembly approved the following recommendations:

  • That NACAC fund a public school counselor from each affiliate to attend the national conference, Guiding the Way to Inclusion, as well as Critical Components.

Status of Motions 2011 Assembly
A waitlist report was reported to Assembly members as a follow up to 2011’s motion on waitlist research. The findings reported that nearly 45 percent of colleges surveyed use waitlists, which is up from 32 percent just 10 years ago. A detailed write up is available in the Chronicle of Higher Education and a copy of the report can be requested by contacting your IACAC Delegates or NACAC.

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