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Illinois Regional College Fairs

Illinois Regional Fairs are programs hosted at community college or college sites, or alternating high school sites; they are planned and implemented by several high schools from the area, along with an on-site director from the host venue. These programs are truly “owned and operated” by the schools that form their Planning Committee. Colleges and universities pay registration fees for these programs. These fees are used to offset some of the costs incurred by the host institution, and to guarantee a certain level of operating quality. Illinois Regional Fair registration will be available on the IACAC website in early June.



NACAC fairs are sponsored throughout the country by our national organization – the National Association for College Admission Counseling. They tend to draw a national group of colleges and universities and are quite large in nature. We have listed, in the calendar, our own Chicago NACAC fair, as well as those occurring in our surrounding states.


IACAC-Recognized Fairs

IACAC-Recognized programs meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. A program that is planned and executed by 3 or more high schools. Participating schools do not host duplicate programs.
  2. A program that is attended by 500 or more students and parents and 100 or more college/university admission representatives.
  3. A program that, at a minimum, accommodates students from an entire community college district or from an Illinois state regional school district. Participating schools do not host duplicate programs.


City of Chicago Programs

IACAC continues to be aware of the unique issues surrounding schools located within the City of Chicago and therefore has chosen to list all programs, submitted to the Illinois College Fair Committee, taking place within the Chicago City limits. These are usually single-school programs and will only be listed if they are 90 minutes in length. Be sure to view the CPS Visit Protocol before visiting these schools.


For additional information, contact the Illinois College Fair Committee

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