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Feeling The IACAC Love

Feeling the IACAC Love

Amy Thompson
York Community High School
IACAC President

One of the very best parts of being a long time member, volunteer, and leader in various IACAC roles is that no matter how hectic work can be, I know there are LOTS of you out there who totally understand what my world is like right now because yours is likely just as intense. The ebb and flow, the constant feeling that I’m forgetting things or will never catch up, the frustration with people “outside” this world who clearly do not really understand our world, are all things we can share. Knowing this keeps me sane and I hope it does the same for you.

These times are also great reminders of why IACAC membership, but more importantly, IACAC involvement is so vital. I rely on my IACAC high school peers for ideas and feedback. They do the same. My IACAC college and university peers are great partners as we work to help students make the leap from high school to college. They have provided valuable information and insight more times than I can count. As I have come to know my peers more, through our involvement in committee work, attending professional development opportunities together, or just socializing through IACAC and beyond, I find myself even more grateful. If I just showed up to meetings, trainings, or educational sessions, I gain a lot. However, if I immerse myself in these things and go that extra bit to connect to others, take on a task, or lead an initiative, I grow and am richly rewarded with deep friendships, a sense of accomplishment, and a strong emotional bond to the collective work we all do.

Beyond the personally enriching aspects of IACAC involvement, I also become a better professional serving the families in my school as well as I possibly can. When I’m away from school during times when I could be meeting with students, it’s important to know that the time I’m away will still benefit my students and families at least as much as I benefit. Every single day, I know that things I’ve learned via IACAC and its members make me a better counselor. After all, IACAC is, ultimately, about the people who join, contribute, and engage with it.

So, during this insanely busy time, I am incredibly thankful for familiar faces, warm hugs, people who understand exactly what I mean by, “This insanely busy time,” professional peers who I’ve come to know well, and the many friends I have found through the common cause of helping students. There’s just nothing better than feeling there are people in both my professional and personal life who get it and also know they can count on me to reciprocate. I’m thankful to serve an IACAC leadership role, along with some really amazing humans.

If you’ve read this and you know exactly what I mean, congratulations! You’ve found your place in this interesting, challenging, and rewarding IACAC world. But, if you’ve read this and find yourself longing to feel as strongly connected, maybe it’s time to take that next step in committing to IACAC involvement. Go for it. I think you’ll be glad you did!

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