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Illinois College Expositions (ICE) Registration Fees Increasing

Illinois College Exposition ICE

By Carin Smith, ICE/Calendar Committee Chair
Lawrence University

The ICE/Calendar Committee has taken a thorough look at the ICE Budget and determined that a fee increase is appropriate, beginning with the 2013-2014 registration cycle. The revised registration fee schedule will be as follows:

Registration Type Fee
1 Program (Member) $225.00
1 Program (Non-Member) $375.00
2-6 Programs (Member) $425.00
2-6 Programs (Non-Member) $575.00
7-11 Programs (Member) $575.00
7-11 Programs (Non-Member) $725.00
12-16 Programs (Member) $725.00
12-16 Programs (Non-Member) $875.00
17-20 Programs (Member) $825.00
17-20 Programs (Non Member) $975.00
21+ Programs (Member) $950.00
21+ Programs (Non-Member) $1,100.00


The Committee would like to call attention to the following points as they pertain to this decision:

  • The new fee schedule represents approximately a 15% increase in member registration fees –including a greatest increase at the highest registration level
  • When registering at the maximum level, the cost is $34.00 per fair
  • There have been no fee adjustments in four years.  In the meantime, we have absorbed four new programs since the last fee adjustment and are aware of two other sites potentially coming on board in the 2013-14 season
  • The decision to make non-member fees much higher is to increase membership
  • We are committed to keeping these fees in place until 2016 (at a minimum)
  • We’re still very much in line (if not a bargain) when we look at the cost of programs in surrounding states (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa)

Questions should be directed to Carin Smith, ICE Coordinator, (847) 488-9953.

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