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Candidates for High School Delegate

Kathy Major Natalie Morris Lianne Musser
Kathy Major Natalie Morris Lianne Musser


Kathy MajorKathy Major

Guidance Counselor, Joliet Catholic Academy


BA, Psychology, Sociology/Social Work, Creighton University;
Teacher Certification, Social Studies & Physical Education, Creighton University;
MA, Physical Education & Exercise Science, Univ. Nebraska Omaha;
School Counselor Certification, Univ. Nebraska Omaha;
MA, Educational Administration, Type 75 Certification, Gov. State Univ.

IACAC Member: 6 years

Previous Employment:
Millard South High School, Omaha, NE;
Joliet Junior College

IACAC Activities:
IACAC State Conference Program Committee (2011, 2012);
IACAC State Conference Registration & Hospitality Committee (2010, 2011, 2012);
Attendance at State Conference past 6 years; Yearly Attendance at Articulation Unplugged;
Attendance and worked at District Seminars

Other Professional Activities:
Coordinator of Volunteers for JJC College Fair; Coach;
Former Athletic Director

Candidate Statement:

First let me say I am truly grateful for this opportunity to run for the IACAC Board. I am very excited to serve this organization and its members who have contributed so much to my own professional development.

Part of my value system, learned from my parents, is the belief you are right where you are supposed to be. I was taught to be thankful for every day, make sure not to miss life’s lessons being taught every day, and that we must pass on the gifts we’ve been given. I see and experience a lot of these same values in IACAC and it’s members. The collegiality, mutual respect, warmth and welcoming I’ve experienced participating in various programs and working on committees energizes me. The professionalism of the organization supports me on my journey to do the best job I can for the students I serve. The opportunity to learn from the best in the field that IACAC provides helps me grow and become a better professional. This is what IACAC means to me. For me, IACAC affirms my belief that I am in fact exactly where I’m supposed to be.

I am seeking the position of NACAC Assembly Delegate to the IACAC Board for several reasons. I would like to give back and support the organization and it’s members. I would work tirelessly to represent IACAC in the NACAC Assembly and to serve as a chair or member of one of the standing committees. I can’t think of anything more rewarding than representing the best interests of IACAC and its members, and advocating for the accessibility of the college dream for all students.

Finally, I have gained so much more from my involvement with IACAC then I could give back, but I want to try. I want to do whatever I can to work with all of you to continue the great work that IACAC does.



Natalie MorrisNatalie Morris

Guidance Counselor, Glenbard West High School

BS in Leisure Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign;
MA in School Counseling, Northeastern Illinois University;
MA in Education Administration, Lewis University

IACAC Member: 4 years

Previous Employment:
After college I worked for a professional sports team, a sports marketing firm and then spent two years as an event planner for a corporate hospitality company. While transitioning to a new career in school counseling, I worked at New Trier high school as a Special Education Instructional Assistant for two years. I have been a generalist counselor at Glenbard West High School for three years.

IACAC Activities:
Bus/Plane O’Fun participant (3 years);
Bus/Plane O’Fun Photographer/Videographer (2 years);
Conference Committee Co-Chair for Social Media & Communications (2 years);
Conference break-out session presenter (Spring 2012)

NACAC Activities:
Current member

Other Professional Activities:
Graduate of the Academy for College Admissions Counseling, District 87;
Minority Student-Achievement Task Force

Candidate Statement:

“Friends of friends,” “mutual friends,” “shared networks”—all phrases that have taken on a new meaning thanks to the endless possibilities of social media. But it wasn’t the advent of new platforms that perked my interest in the notion of six degrees of separation. I’ve always loved networking, meeting new people and introducing others. It absolutely fascinates me how we are all connected. In part, it is this love for the “what a small world!” moments that has driven me to become even more involved with IACAC.

Since joining the organization, I have connected with incredible people and gained more knowledge than I could have ever imagined. I’ve left each Bus O’Fun summer trip and IACAC conference with a new colleague, a greater appreciation for the college admissions process, and fresh ideas to implement at my school. But my involvement hasn’t just been personally fulfilling, it’s been mutually beneficial. I’ve readily created fun and engaging videos of our summer excursions and elevated the use of technology at the annual conference, as I believe that the IACAC’s events and collateral should reflect the quality organization that it is.

As a first generation college student, I’ve always had a fiery determination to achieve. I wanted to go to college. Not for my parents, but for myself. I was eager to do whatever it took to get accepted. I often see the same drive and hunger in my students, a burning desire to continue their education. It’s my job, our jobs as counselors, to find the best fit for each individual, and I’ve made it my mission to help others realize their dreams.

As a NACAC high school delegate, I will represent students and counselors outside of the walls of Glenbard West. I will solicit feedback from all of Illinois so that counselors and student voices across the state can be heard. College admissions are ever changing, and we cannot assume that the process will be the same in the coming years as it is today. I want to help the organization assess new issues and determine how they fit in with the overall strategy— without losing sight of what is best for our students. I am eager to increase my understanding of the process as a whole, and, in turn, use that insight to inform my colleagues.

The association is something I truly believe in, and I look forward to expanding my knowledge and influence at a national level so that I can better serve our students and their families. I am excited to embark on this next chapter. It has been an honor to be nominated and I hope you will consider me for the high school delegate position.



Lianne MusserLianne Musser

College/Career Coordinator, Lyons Township High School

BA, English/Spanish, Western Illinois University;
MA, Counseling, Governors State University;
MA, Administration, Governors State University

IACAC Member: 15 years

Previous Employment:
Generalist Guidance Counselor (10 years);
Therapist, Aunt Martha’s Youth Services (3 years);
Owner/Manager of 2 Ace Hardware stores (20 years)

IACAC Activities:
Region 2 District Seminar Co-Chair (10 years);
Conference Committee Exhibits Co-Chair (2009);
Conference Committee Member Hospitality (11 years);
Mentoring (2 years);
First-timers (4 years);
On-site (2 years);
National College Fair Committee (3 years);
National College Fair Counseling Center Volunteer Chair (2 years);
IACAC Presenter, District Seminar Presenter;
Bus O’Fun participant (10+ years);
BOF Committee (1 year)

NACAC Activities:
NACAC conference attendee and member (8 years)

Other Professional Activities:
South Suburban College Counselors presenter and member;
Chicago Area College Counselors attendee;
Chicago Area Naviance Network member

Candidate Statement:

I am writing this as the Academy Awards are just around the corner and it reminds me of all the “drama” that takes place in the Student Services Department each year. Registration, mid-year reports to colleges, electronic transcript transmission issues, scholarship searches, National Merit programs, District Seminar planning, our spring College Night and a host of programs, parent meetings and deadlines that seem to converge in the same 4–6 week period. I also know that this is just one more “busy time” in the school year.

How does one accomplish the goal of providing professional, yet personal service to students, families and colleagues? In my case, I have only been able to succeed with a degree of competency because of the support, encouragement and expert guidance from my IACAC colleagues. Since my first IACAC conference in 1994, I have been mentored, nurtured and supported, both personally and professionally by my fellow IACAC members. They taught me the basics of college counseling, volunteered as speakers for my high school programs, consistently represented their universities and colleges at high school visits and college fairs, and shared their professional expertise at the district seminars. They encouraged my personal growth, professional development and gave me a bigger vision of what counselors can accomplish. I have been impressed by the eagerness of this membership to enthusiastically say “yes” over and over when called to serve. Most of all, they have given me some of the best friendships and professional relationships in my life.

I am honored and truly grateful to IACAC, not only for this nomination, but for the many years we have worked and served together. We are truly living in challenging times and I will work diligently as your Delegate to articulate our hope and vision for the future of our students. I am excited and humbled about the opportunity to serve an association that has given me so much.


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