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Candidate for President-Elect

Mike DunkerMike Dunker

Retired. Volunteer College Counselor, Faith Lutheran High School, Crystal Lake, IL

BA, Concordia University, River Forest, IL;
MS, Northern Illinois University

IACAC Member: 20 years

Previous Employment:
Counselor/Director of Guidance, Crystal Lake South High School (1986–2011);
Math Teacher, Lutheran South High School, St. Louis, MO (1984–1986);
Math Teacher, Marengo High School, Marengo, IL (1981–1984)

IACAC Activities:
Chairman of Bus/Plane O’Fun committee (2009–present);
Participant on Bus/Plane O’Fun (1992–present);
Member of Mentorship Committee, (2006–2010);
District Seminar Committee (1998);
Conference volunteer on various committees: Registration, First-timers lunch, Hospitality (2004–present)

NACAC Activities:
Member, 2005-present; Conference attendee (2007–present)

Other Professional Activities:
Chicago Area Directors of Student Services and Guidance (1995–2011);
McHenry County Directors of Guidance (1995–2011);
AP Test Coordinator (1995–2011);
Adjunct Faculty Member, McHenry County College (2000–2002);
Chicago Area Directors of Student Services and Guidance (1995–2011);
McHenry County Directors of Guidance (1995–2011);
AP Test Coordinator (1995–2011);
Adjunct Faculty Member, McHenry County College (2000–2002)

Candidate Statement:

I consider it an honor and privilege to be nominated as the President-Elect of IACAC. I have always admired the people in this organization who have served in this role. To be chosen as a candidate for this position is definitely one of the greatest highlights of my 34 years in education. I have to admit that the prospect of serving in this position is a bit overwhelming, but with much hard work and a lot of help from my IACAC friends, I believe I can carry on the tradition of commitment and excellence set by my predecessors. Therefore, I respectfully accept this nomination for President-Elect.

My first experience with IACAC came 20 years ago when I boarded a bus at Illinois Wesleyan University to tour colleges in Missouri. I learned so much, met such wonderful people, and had so much fun that I knew this was an organization I could embrace. By participating in the Bus and Plane O’Fun trips over the last two decades, I have gotten to meet hundreds of high school counselors while traveling on the bus and many college admissions people while touring their campuses. While the Bus O’Fun has remained a high priority over the years, my involvement has spread to other areas of this outstanding organization as well. I have served on several standing committees, volunteered on many others at conference, attended district seminars, and for the past four years attended the Executive Board meetings. In every one of my dealings with IACAC, I have been overwhelmed by the professionalism, leadership, and hard work of its members. Some of my closest friendships have been formed through my involvement with IACAC; it is a wonderful feeling knowing I can reach out at any time and receive advice, information, and even encouragement. IACAC has truly had a positive impact on my career and helped me grow as both an individual and a professional. The members of this organization have given me much more than I could ever give back. It is now time for me to step up and repay some of this debt.

I know this position will require a great deal of time and hard work on my part. Being semi-retired, time is something I now have, and hard work is something I have never feared. I promise to do everything I can to uphold the many years of excellence that IACAC has enjoyed, and strive to keep us at the forefront of the National Association. I am looking forward to representing IACAC at the national level. Since my experience in this area is not very extensive, I will look for guidance from those with whom I will be working and those who have held this position before me. Together we can keep IACAC the very best state association in NACAC.

If elected, I look forward to meeting and working with many more IACAC members, so together we can grow as an association and maintain our high standards of excellence.


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