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Powerful Bonds

By Jennifer Coomer, Southern Illlinois University Edwardsville; Liz Hannon, Barrington High School; and Jennifer Troupis, Purdue University

Mentorship ProgramThe Mentorship Committee was formed to offer college admission professionals the opportunity for one on one support, professional growth and sharing of ideas and goals. Since its inception, numerous college admission reps and high school college counselors have taken advantage of the opportunity to be a mentee or mentor. Mentees have benefitted from the expertise offered from a professional with more experience; in the rapidly changing world that is college counseling, it is extremely helpful to have a mentor in place to offer guidance. Mentors have also profited from this relationship, learning from situations unique to their mentee’s work environments, and often kept on their toes by the questions their mentees pose.  Mentors provide positive examples of being engaged in the profession and offer encouragement to mentees during the challenging early years of their careers. 

mentorship amy kara 250Since August, thirty two people have been paired with a mentee or mentor either from the high school or college side. Both mentees and mentors alike have commented on the positive relationships that have been formed already, and they are looking forward to a rewarding year as their relationship continues to develop. Many mentees have even gone on to become mentors and offer the support and guidance to new professionals they once needed themselves.

It is this constant giving back that makes the Mentorship Committee and IACAC as a whole so strong. If you are interested in being a mentee or mentor, please fill out the short application. Here’s to a great year of connections!

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