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Executive Board Restructuring

In an ongoing effort to consistently improve the effectiveness of IACAC, five members were assembled as an ad-hoc committee to reevaluate the structure of the IACAC Executive Board and they are looking for your feedback. The overall purpose of examining the board structure is to determine if we operate at maximum efficiency and to help increase the opportunity for involvement and leadership positions.

Below you will find some frequently asked questions regarding these changes that will inform and further elaborate on the information that was presented at Conference.

Your feedback is critical
In order for the committee to proceed in the best interests of the membership, your comments are essential. You will find our contact information at the end of this page.

What are the goals?
The Ad Hoc committee’s goals were to develop a structure that met the following criteria, regardless of an individual member’s limited institutional support and/or financial constraints: more productive and efficient IACAC board meetings, shared responsibility of our organization’s operations, increased opportunity for member involvement, and development of IACAC future leaders.

Why the restructure?
We believe that an updated board structure will lead to more opportunities for members to serve as leaders in the association. We have added committees, each of which will need one or more chairs. In addition, both delegates and directors will assume additional leadership roles, as each will be responsible for co-chairing one of the four newly-formed “councils” (see diagram below). This allows for committee growth as needed, without overburdening the Executive Board.

Board Restructure Diagram - July 2011Click to enlarge diagram (PDF)

How will this benefit the association?
This new structure will provide increased opportunities for leadership, which will create a larger pool of members who may be considered for an Executive Board role, and who may be considered for leadership at the national level in NACAC. It creates a communication and support system for the committees, which have been grouped according to their shared mission. Councils will have the opportunity to meet as a group, which will promote coordination of services and avoid overlap of efforts. This may also lead to fewer full board meetings scheduled during the year.

How will this impact the current board positions?
The ad-hoc committee met in July to consider the feedback we received from members at the town hall meeting held during the annual conference in May 2011. We determined that it is in the best interest of IACAC to not eliminate the director positions, so we have created tri-chair roles for each council. All IACAC members will have the opportunity to run/vote for the Executive Board positions (President, Treasurer, and Secretary) and for four director positions. In addition, IACAC members who are also NACAC voting members will elect 8 delegates (per NACAC policies).

How will the current executive board meetings change?
The new structure allows for the most effective use of board meeting time. Committee chairs will not be required to attend every meeting, although some may choose to attend. The Directors/Delegates will maintain open communication with the committees in their council, and will be able to present reports when necessary. The focus of board meetings will be conducting the business of the association and voting on motions. Committees will be invited to present reports at board meetings, as necessary.

Will the full board continue to meet as frequently to conduct business?
The Ad-Hoc committee has not addressed the question of the number of meetings scheduled each year, leaving this decision up to the President. At this time, there are no plans to reduce the number of board meetings (currently, 5 per year). However, given the opportunities available for conference calls and video conferencing, the Presidents may determine that fewer in-person meetings are required.

Will any of the board positions be eliminated? Will any be added?
We listened to the members who expressed concern about the initial plan, and have developed an updated proposal. Several committees have been re-structured; though the HS and College Director board positions have been eliminated and the District Seminar positions have been moved to committee positions, the addition of four Directors will replace those positions and provide for a larger leadership role on the board.

What is the vision for the delegate positions?
In addition to representing IACAC at the annual NACAC conference, each delegate will serve as chair of one of the four councils. Each council (Member Relations, Student and Family Outreach, Professional Development, and Media) will be co-chaired by a Director and two Delegates.

What is your hope for the new board restructure?
We believe that the new structure provides for the needs of all IACAC members, as well as for the students and families we serve in Illinois. This provides a structure that will accommodate future growth, and provides leadership opportunities for members across that state.

With the potential new board restructure, what is your advice for new members and their ability to get involved?
This structure provides every interested member the opportunity to get involved! Geography and/or level of institutional support should not impact one’s ability to serve in IACAC. Committee chairs will be supported by the Directors/Delegates who chair their council, and attendance at multiple board meeting will not be the expectation for all committee chairs. Both NACAC and non-NACAC members will have a voice in the association, and will have the opportunity to elect both the Executive Board and Directors. This best serves current IACAC functioning and provides a structure that will accommodate future growth, while creating new leadership opportunities for members across the state.

We’re listening!
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our ideas. Now we ask that you provide us with your comments, criticism, and ideas so we can enhance our plan to best serve you, the members of IACAC.

Ad-Hoc Committee on Board Structure
Committee Chairs

Sandie Gilbert
Retired from Highland Park High School
(847) 529-3869

Maryanne Kelly
Retired from Maine South High School
(847) 366-3521

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