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Discuss Changes to Board Structure at the Town Hall Meeting

IACAC Board StructureHave you thought about getting more involved in IACAC but can’t get out of the office to attend board meetings?

Have you ever wanted to attend an IACAC Board meeting to better understand how the organization works?

Do you have some ideas on how IACAC can function most efficiently?

Do you have some ideas for new or existing committees and board positions?

Are you just curious?

The Ad Hoc Committee on Board Structure has been pondering these questions and more for the past year.  We’ve studied, discussed, strategized and debated how our current board structure best serves our organization and whether some organizational changes may benefit the members and the students we serve.  The committee has developed a rough draft of our ideas; however, we need your ideas and your input.

Please join us at the Annual Conference on Friday, May 6th for a Town Hall Meeting.  The Ad Hoc Committee will be presenting its findings and current proposal.   We are looking for your expertise to continue our work in order to craft a final proposal that will best serve our membership.

Bring your friends.  Bring your ideas.  Bring your opinions.

IACAC Town Hall Meeting
Friday, May 6, 2011
Annual Conference, Itasca

Ad Hoc Committee on IACAC Structure
Sandie Gilbert, Highland Park HS (retired) – Co Chair
Maryanne Kelly, Maine South HS – Co Chair
Nate Bargar, Illinois State University
Bob Murray, Illinois Wesleyan University
Amy Thompson, York Community HS

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