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Update from the IACAC Ad Hoc Committee on Board Structure

The Ad Hoc Committee on Board Structure presents at Friday's Townhall Meeting at Conference

At the annual Conference Town Hall Meeting, the Ad Hoc Committee on IACAC Board Structure presented the findings, as well as a working draft proposal to the membership of the new board structure. Download the Powerpoint presentation from the meeting (PPT). For those who were unable to attend, here is a recap of that meeting and our work thus far:

The Ad Hoc committee’s goals were to develop a structure that met the following criteria, regardless of an individual member’s limited institutional support and/or financial constraints:

  • more productive and efficient IACAC board meetings
  • shared responsibility of our organization’s operations
  • increased opportunity for member involvement
  • development of IACAC future leaders

Planning included incorporating current IACAC work into a structure that makes sense for what the organization is today and where IACAC wants to be at any given time.  The idea was to build a model whereby new projects can be added without having to create new full committees or have to wait a significant amount of time to pass by-law changes.

IACAC Board Structure Diagram

Download diagram in full resolution (PDF)

If you look at the diagram, you will see that the new board would be comprised of the President’s Council, Directors and Committee Chairs.  Voting members would be the President-Elect, President, Past-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Delegates.  Each delegate would be responsible for co-directing a group of committees.  Co-Directors would not be expected to have specific skill sets relative to the committees they oversee.  Rather, they should possess the leadership skills with which to manage their committees, (ie; strong organizational and communication skills, among others).

Committee Chairs could attend any and all IACAC Board meetings, but would only be required to attend a minimum number of full board meetings.  The Ad Hoc committee felt that this would open the opportunity to serve in leadership positions to more of the membership, providing diversity and leadership opportunity on the board.  The model also looks to utilize Delegates in a year-around leadership role.  At the Town Meeting there was significant support from the membership to elect additional non-delegate Co-Directors (that would also serve as voting members on the board) as well.  The Ad Hoc committee will be reviewing all ideas for implementation into the next draft.

The Ad Hoc committee will meet again in September.  At that time a final draft will be formulated to take to the current board for a vote at the November board meeting.  If approved, by-law changes will be drafted in preparation for a full membership vote at the 2012 annual conference.

We Need to Hear From You

In order to create the best possible plan for IACAC and its membership, we need to hear from you.  Please send us your ideas, thoughts, concerns, etc. by using the comment box at the end of this page no later than September 15th. Your comments will appear on this page and we hope to generate productive discussion.

The Ad Hoc Committee on IACAC Structure
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