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Candidates for College Director

Nate BargarNate Bargar

Coordinator, Chicago Regional Initiatives, Illinois State University


BS Illinois State University

IACAC Member

7 years

IACAC Activities and Recognitions

James A. Alexander Newcomer Award, District Seminar Planning Committee, District Seminar Co-Chair, Annual Conference Entertainment Committee, Annual Conference First-Timers Committee, Summer Institute Planning Committee, Summer Institute Co-Chair, Mentorship Committee, Mentorship Committee Co-Chair, Nominations Committee, Middle Management Institute Committee, Conference Session Presenter, Summer Institute Presenter, District Seminar Presenter

NACAC Activities

Admissions Middle Management Institute participant, Member since 2008

Other Professional Activities

Academy for College Admission Counseling, CARR member, co-creator of The Nate & Julie Show

Candidate Statement

While many folks’ first dealings with IACAC are at Summer Institute, mine was at a Cracker Barrel in Morton for my first meeting for the North Central District Seminar. I had no idea that meeting would be my introduction to a group (a rather large group) of individuals who would mean so much and have such a great impact on my career, many of whom I am proud to call friends.

The Office of Admissions at Illinois State has always been a strong supporter of professional development which has allowed me to be extremely involved in myriad IACAC activities as well as “graduate” from The Academy of College Admissions Counseling. Through this involvement I have been given the tools to help educate Illinois students and their families not only about Illinois State University, but the college admission process as a whole.

The last two years I have had the privilege of co-chairing the Mentorship Committee with Annie Kremer. One of my concerns in my seven years in college admissions is the rate at which our profession loses good, competent admission professionals. So, during our tenure as Mentorship Co-Chairs, Annie and I have put an emphasis on finding ways to help keep good people in a profession that we feel might be one of the best out there. With this goal in mind, and with the input and assistance of many other extremely talented members of IACAC, the IACAC Middle Management Institute will launch this summer at Elmhurst College.

It is with great pride that I accept the nomination of College Director for IACAC. If elected I will serve the IACAC Executive Board and the members of IACAC to the best of my ability.


Megan O'RourkeMegan O’Rourke

Assistant Director of Admission/Chicago Regional Representative, Butler University


BA in Journalism/PR & Advertising from Butler University, 2006

IACAC Member

5 years

Previous Employment

I have worked at Butler University since graduating in 2006.

IACAC Activities

Media Communications Chair 2010-present, Mentorship committee 2009-present, Summer Institute committee member 2009-2010, Conference committees: Registration, Evaluations, On-site, Conference Teller.

NACAC Activities

Member 2007-present

Other Professional Activities

IACAC (Indiana) member 2006-present, MOACAC member 2006-present, Chicago Area Regional Representative 2009-present, C.A.R.R. luncheon co-chair, Butler University Young Alumni Board member 2007-2010.

Candidate Statement

Five years ago, when I started my career, new graduate, new admission counselor and new to the profession, I’m pretty sure I had no idea what the next five years would like, or how they would change my life. I don’t think I knew five years ago this would be my chosen career path. I liked working in admission as a student, the traveling part of an admission counselor’s job sounded fun and my colleagues at Butler were fantastic people. I was excited to start my job recruiting Chicago area students, and my boss suggested I join IACAC, the Illinois version. Travelling across the Chicago-land area, I started to meet some really amazing high school counselors and admission counselors from other schools. When conference came around I was excited to go, but nervous about attending on my own for the first time. I watched Julie Nelson (then president) speak about IACAC, hand out awards, and watched as these people spoke so highly of this organization that meant so much to them. I knew then that THIS was the job for me. I was able to get involved, first with conference committees and then standing committees. Two years ago, I became a regional representative for Butler and I truly believe it’s opened so many doors for me-I was able to get even more involved with IACAC, present at a conference and chair the Media Communications committee with three other amazing individuals this year.

When I look back, I still can’t believe how these past five years have played out. I feel privileged to work for my alma mater, to be a regional rep and to give back to an organization that has helped me grow so much, professionally and personally. I feel humbled when I attend IACAC exec board meetings-it feels like I’m a kid who’s allowed to sit with the grown-ups at Thanksgiving! There are so many truly wonderful and talented people who are a part of this outstanding organization, and I feel lucky that I’m able to learn and grow in my chosen profession from these unofficial mentors. To be completely honest, it’s an honor just to be nominated! It’s another stepping stone, an opportunity to grow and learn and become an even better admission counselor and IACAC member.

IACAC is an organization that gives new admission counselors the opportunity to grow as professionals in an ever-changing field. It gives veteran members the chance to bestow their wisdom on these new professionals, and we are lucky that we have such a vast knowledge base to use as resource. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to run for College Director. I think it’s a way for me to give back to IACAC, but also honor and continue the great traditions of IACAC while working towards a great future. I can’t say I predicted any of this to happen five years ago, but I feel truly humbled and amazed at how well it’s worked out so far!

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