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T-Shirt Exchange at the Southwestern Illinois College ICE Fair

Mentorship Committee t-shirt exchange at SWIC ICE fair

It has been a long winter and the fall travel season seems like a distant memory. Why not catch up with your admission colleagues and get a new t-shirt at the IACAC Mentorship Committee t-shirt exchange? It’s being held just prior to the ICE fair at Southwestern Illinois College on February 27th.

Grab your lunch (thanks to SWIC) and head to the t-shirt exchange table in the gym by 1:00 PM with your shirt and a business card.

Representatives from the IACAC Mentorship Committee will be on hand to coordinate the exchange.

Thanks to Michelle Luraschi and the SWIC staff for allowing us to hold this event!

Ja’Niah Downing, ISU
Julie Nelson, Xavier University
Megan O’Rourke, Butler University

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