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Movers & Shakers (including Retirees) – May 2011 (updated July)

Movers & Shakers (including retirees) – May 2011 (updated July)

Movers and Shakers is way to share professionally-related news about promotions or moves to other institutions. Congratulations to the following members on their achievements:

  • Palmer Muntz, Director of Admissions at Multnomah UniversityPalmer Muntz from director of undergraduate admissions at Lincoln Christian University to director of admissions at Multnomah University in Portland, Oregon. Palmer can be reached at his personal email.
  • Sarah Hintze and Shawna Jansen to Freshman Admission Counselors at Lewis University.
  • Will Dix from consultant to Director of College Transitioning Programming at Chicago Scholars.
  • Laura Peterson from University of St. Francis to graduate school at Illinois State University for College Student Personnel Administration.

Congratulations to the following colleagues who will be retiring this year:

Steve Adams, Illinois State University

Mike Dunker, Crystal Lake South High School

Patricia Grawey-Beeler, Minooka Community High School

Karen Groszczyk, Plainfield South High School

Judy Hendricks, Ohio State University

Mary Hendry, Roosevelt University

George Kazlusky, Hoffman Estates High School

Maryanne Kelly, Maine South High School

Kaye Polakoff, Lake Zurich High School

Joe Prieto, Hinsdale Central High School

Kathryn Spillner, Prairie Ridge High School

Ron Teuber, Michigan State University

Mary Zelisko, Morton West High School

Mike Dessimoz, Roosevelt University

Teri Lancaster, Crystal Lake Central High School

Kaye Polakoff, Lake Zurich High School


Update July, 2011.


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Do you have job news to share? Feel free to submit information for yourself or on the behalf of someone in your office who is moving on up. We all enjoy celebrating each other’s professional endeavors and staying connected.

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