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The Annual Conference: Collaboration And Culmination

The Annual Conference: Collaboration and Culmination

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By Drew Kopitzke
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

The 2015 IACAC Annual Conference was an incredible experience. It provided a wonderful opportunity to come together, both high school and college counselors, in order to network and learn ways to become better professionals. At this year’s conference, I learned about the value of college, high school counselor interview tips, best practices for regional reps, how school counseling has changed, the joys of a career in middle management, and much more. Besides meeting new people and learning, after the conference, I had the opportunity to reflect on the collaborative nature of admissions counseling. While we all represent different institutions, at the end of the day we all have the same goal; to serve our students in the best way possible. There are not any opportunities like the IACAC Annual Conference where representatives from eight different colleges can sit together, reminisce, banter, collaborate and enjoy a meal. To me, the IACAC Annual Conference is a wonderful culmination to the academic year, and I am looking forward to another great year and the 2016 conference!

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