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Candidates for Treasurer 2013-2014

Ryan DowneyRyan Downey DeVone EuralesDeVone Eurales


Ryan Downey

Ryan Downey

Assistant Director of Admissions, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

B.S. in Business Administration, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

IACAC Member: 6 years

Previous Employment:
Admission Counselor, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (2007–2009)

IACAC Activities:
Annual Conference: Attendee (2007–2012), Presenter (2009, 2011, 2012), On-site Committee Co-chair (2013);
Membership Committee Co-chair (2012–2013);

NACAC Activities:
Member & Conference Attendee

Other Professional Activities:
National Orientation Directors Association Member (NODA) (2009–2013);
Missouri Association for College Admission Counseling Presenter (2011)

Candidate Statement:
It is with great pleasure and honor to be nominated to serve as Treasurer on the IACAC Executive Board. My career in College Admission Counseling started in my undergraduate days as a member of the SIUE Student Assisting with Recruitment (STARs) program. At that time I had no idea that giving tours of campus would turn into a career. Looking back, I am glad I took that volunteer experience and continued my interest in College Admission Counseling. It is hard to believe that is has been 8 years since that experience and 6 years in the profession. I have been lucky to call Southern Illinois University Edwardsville home since 2003 and have been very fortunate to have mentors who encourage professional development and growth.

Thinking back to my first IACAC Annual Conference and how dedicated and passionate this group was about achieving student success, I could see right away that I had been introduced to something special. Having a Director so involved in the profession was not only encouraging but also a little frightening as I quickly saw how tight-knit this profession is. Fast-forwarding to 2013, it is hard to believe that I have now become a “veteran” but that is only due to the members of this organization encouraging me to get involved, ask questions and not be afraid to join in on the fun.

IACAC has helped me grow in my profession, my personal life and my ability to stay current on the issues students and families are experiencing during this most critical time in their lives. The members of this organization truly do have a passion for student success and I am humbled by the opportunities I have been given to give back to such a dynamic and powerful organization.

The biggest strength of IACAC and its membership is the ability to constantly share information, thoughts, ideas and resources. Creating the friendships and professional relationships through this organization has allowed me to better the processes, programs and assistance we provide at SIUE. I laugh when I think of this organization and a term I picked up from a pair of high school basketball practice shorts that I tell my student staff all the time. That term is, “Team Work Makes the Dream Work” and to me that describes IACAC perfectly.

If elected as Treasurer, I will continue to assist in moving this organization forward and help in fiscally discovering more possibilities to serve the members of IACAC and the students who so greatly need our assistance. Again, I am humbled by the opportunity to take on a more active role in this organization that has already given so much to me.


DeVone EuralesDeVone Eurales

Associate Director of Admission, Knox College

B.S., Illinois College 2005 IACAC Member: 8 years

IACAC Member: 8 years

Previous Employment:
Illinois College: Assistant Director of Admission (2007–2008), Admission Counselor (2005–2007)

IACAC Activities:
Credentials Committee (2013);
Scholarship Selection Committee (2013);
Professional Development Grants Committee (2013);
Mentorship Committee Member (2006–2013);
Motivate Me Presenter (June 2013);
Annual Conference: Attendee (2006–2013), Presenter (2008, 2011–2013), Photographer (2008), Entertainment Committee Co-Chair (2009);
Summer Institute Presenter (2011, 2012);
Mentor (2008, 2010, 2012);
Executive Board Member (2009–2011);
Region One Professional Development Director (2009–2011);
Western District Seminar Co-Chair (2008–2009);
Southern District Seminar Committee (2006–2008)

NACAC Activities:
Member 2007–present; Conference Attendee (2008, 2010, 2012); Admission Middle Management Institute participant, Denver, CO (2012); Guiding the Way to Inclusion participant, Atlanta, GA (2010)

Other Professional Activities:
College Board Conference Attendee (2013); Rocky Mountains ACAC Member (2008–2010); Indiana ACAC Member (2005–2008); Missouri ACAC Member (2007)

Candidate Statement:
I am humbled and honored to be nominated for IACAC Treasurer. It feels like yesterday I began my journey. On September 5, 2005, I embarked upon a somewhat new journey, admission counselor! As an undergrad, I worked in the admission office, but I never truly understood what an admission counselor did. Fast forward to 2013, and I’m just as eager and excited as on day one and I finally know what an admission counselor does. With the help of colleagues, official and unofficial mentors, IACAC & NACAC, and two great institutions, Knox College & Illinois College, I know I was destined for this profession.

Honestly, I thought long and hard before accepting this nomination. I spoke with former treasurers and asked many questions. I am not taking this nomination lightly. I fully understand the commitment and sacrifices this office will entail and so does my institution. Furthermore, I am enthusiastic about this opportunity. My goal is to continue down the road IACAC leaders have paved and of course, to make my own tracks as well. I have always loved number crunching, going back to my collegiate courses in statistics and financial management. If nominated, I will thoroughly enjoy being accountable for our budget, being a strategic role player in revenue generation and fiscal policy conversations, and working with the executive board to maintain and bolster our affiliate’s strength and position within the profession nationally. I have always been analytical and inquisitive and would bring these traits to the office of treasurer. I believe that leadership is not about being the best or smartest person in the conversation, but the person willing to listen and coordinate best and smart ideas. I feel I am that person!

My first love in the profession has always been working with students and their families, but second is the time spent with colleagues during professional development activities. For most that know me, you know I never shy away from a great time! The annual conference is an exceptional opportunity for learning and networking; whether by attending sessions, perusing the exhibitors’ section, having enlightening conversations with presenters and peers, or tearing up the dance floor with Rene? Gomez and the Noble Network (ok that was NACAC and what happens at NACAC stays at NACAC).

On a serious note, it is an honor to receive this nomination, and I would like to thank the Executive Board for its approval and slating. I have grown up in IACAC and want to continue giving back to the organization that has given me many teachable moments, instruction, and friendships. I am motivated and eager and to be our next treasurer. Thank you and if elected, I look forward to serving the organization!

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