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Candidates for Council Team Director – Secondary 2013-2014

Drew EderDrew Eder Kathy MajorKathy Major



Drew Eder

Drew Eder

Counselor, Highland Park High School

B.A. Communications, Saint Louis University;
M.A. School Counseling, Lewis University;
Type 75 Administrative Certificate, Lewis University

IACAC Member: 6 years

Previous Employment:
Admissions Counselor, Lewis University (2005–2007);
School Counselor, Loyola Academy (2007–2009);
College Counselor, Loyola Academy (2009–2010);
Counselor, Highland Park High School (2010–present)

IACAC Activities:
Communications Committee (2005);
Summer Institute (2006);
ICE Committee (2007–present);
Annual Conference Program Committee (2009, 2010);
James A. Alexander Newcomer Award (2010);
Camp College Presenter (2013)

Other Professional Activities:
Academy for College Counseling 101, 201 & 301

Candidate Statement:
When I began my career in college admissions and high school counseling, I fully expected to enjoy working with adolescents and helping ease a variety of transitions for students and their families. To this day, I can still remember the admissions counselor from Saint Louis University who helped me matriculate to campus. The campus tours that I took during my own college search seem to be etched in my memory, and I will never forget the way the school counselors at Central Catholic High School displayed patience with me as a young adult. I couldn’t wait to play the same role for students and “pay it forward.” What I didn’t expect to find in this rewarding profession was the close sense of community that IACAC provides and the powerful mentors that I found within the organization.

I have had the opportunity to work as an admissions counselor at Lewis University, a school counselor and college counselor at Loyola Academy and a counselor at Highland Park High School. The opportunity to have worked on both sides of the desk has allowed me to better empathize with the unique challenges facing high school and college professionals in our organization. It is this experience and perspective that I hope to bring to the Executive board, if elected.

Possibly my most rewarding IACAC experience has been serving on the ICE Calendar Committee for the past six years. As a group we have worked to ensure that every student across the state of Illinois has access to a college fair to explore post-secondary options. In addition, we have worked to streamline college fairs across the state in hopes of advocating for the overwhelming demands on college admissions offices. Being a part of this groups effort to balance these two conflicting forces has been a constant reminder of the diverse needs of students and professionals in the different parts of the state of Illinois.

It is with tremendous honor and the utmost humility that I accept the nomination for the 2013–2014 IACAC High School Director. If elected, I look forward to joining the current leaders of IACAC, for whom I have tremendous respect, to move the organization forward.


Kathy MajorKathy Major

Guidance Counselor, Joliet Catholic Academy

B.A. Psychology, Sociology/Social Work, Creighton University;
Teacher Certification – Social Studies & Physical Education, Creighton University;
M.A. Physical Education & Exercise Science, Univ. Nebraska Omaha;
School Counselor Certification, Univ. Nebraska Omaha;
M.A. Educational Administration, Type 75 Certification, Gov. State Univ.

IACAC Member: 7 years

Previous Employment:
Millard South High School, Omaha, NE;
Joliet Junior College

IACAC Activities:
Annual Conference: Attendee (past 7 years), Conference Program Committee Co-Chair (2013), Program Committee (2011, 2012), Registration & Hospitality Committee (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013);
Micro Bus Tour (2012);
Candidate for NACAC Assembly Delegate (2012);
Yearly Attendance at Articulation Unplugged;
Attendance and worked at District Seminars

NACAC Activities:
Member (2006–present)

Other Professional Activities:
Coordinator of Volunteers for JJC College Fair; Coach; Former Athletic Director

Candidate Statement:
First let me say I am truly grateful for this opportunity to run for the IACAC Board. I am very excited to serve this organization and its members who have contributed so much to my own professional development.

Part of my value system, learned from my parents, is the belief you are right where you are supposed to be. I was taught to be thankful for every day, make sure not to miss life’s lessons being taught every day, and that we must pass on the gifts we’ve been given. I see and experience a lot of these same values in IACAC and its members. The collegiality, mutual respect, warmth and welcoming I’ve experienced participating in various programs and working on committees energizes me. The professionalism of the organization supports me on my journey to do the best job I can for the students I serve. The opportunity to learn from the best in the field that IACAC provides helps me grow and become a better professional. This is what IACAC means to me. For me, IACAC affirms my belief that I am in fact exactly where I’m supposed to be.

I am seeking the position of Secondary Council Team Director on the IACAC Board for several reasons. I would like to give back and support the organization and its members and I would work tirelessly to fulfill all responsibilities of the position. I feel I have strong leadership and collaboration skills to bring to the Council team I would be responsible for chairing. I can’t think of anything more rewarding than representing the best interests of IACAC and its members, and working to provide the services our students need to navigate the college-going process, and the services our members need to advocate for the accessibility of the college dream for all of our students.

Finally, I have gained so much more from my involvement with IACAC than I could give back, but I want to try. I want to do whatever I can to work with all of you to continue the great work that IACAC does.

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