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Alumni Gatherings Fall 2012

Alumni Gathering

By Todd Burrell, President
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

IACAC Alumni continue to be a vital part of IACAC. This past month, the alumni continued their traditional gathering by hosting events in the Chicago area and central Illinois (Decatur) regions. While these are a great time to reconnect with other alumni, they are also meetings to where the alumni continue to provide great thoughts and feedback to better serve the association.

This year, Todd Burrell, President; Laura Docherty, Past-President; and President-Elect (and retiree), Mike Dunker joined the alumni in the Chicago region. Todd Burrell also joined the group in Decatur. Thanks to the alumni for allowing the “Presidents” to attend their meeting to hear all they are doing as well as gain valuable insight on key new initiatives such as the future IACAC scholarship.

Take advantage when you can to connect with an IACAC alum; your time spent in sharing stories will be filled with much enthusiasm and fun.

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