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Candidates for College Delegate

Quinton Clay Lori Greene Rob Walton
Quinton Clay Lori Greene Rob Walton



Quinton ClayQuinton Clay

Coordinator of Chicago Recruitment, Grinnell College

BA, Wartburg College

IACAC Member: 3 years

Previous Employment:

Grinnell College: Assistant Dean and Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment (2008–2010), Assistant Dean and Coordinator of Campus Visit Programs (2007–2008);
Coe College, Admissions Counselor, 2005-2007

IACAC Activities:
Conference Program Committee 2012;
College and Awareness Preparation Committee (2011–present);
Camp College faculty member (2010–2011)

NACAC Activities:
Link Unlimited Strategic Admission Advisory Committee member (2011–present);
Iowa Association for College Admission Counseling Mentorship Committee, mentor (2011–present);
African-American Special Interest Group member (2009–present)

Other Professional Activities:
Link Unlimited Strategic Admission Advisory Committee (2011–present);
Iowa ACT State Organization member (2010);
Impacting Diversity through Education Allies member (2005–2010);
Classic Upward Bound alumnus (2001–present)

Candidate Statement:
I am tremendously excited about the opportunity to serve IACAC as the NACAC College Delegate. It is through this great association that I received outstanding mentoring and support during the start of my professional career—being a young college graduate from Iowa, trying to navigate through Chicago 7 years ago. It wasn’t until after I spent time recruiting in other areas, totaling 33 states and 9 countries, that I could fully appreciate the camaraderie, collaboration and spirited professionalism that IACAC fosters. Our association is fortunate to have a vast number of passionate and consummate workers whose efforts extend beyond the requirements articulated within their job descriptions, and are people who exhibit true servant-leadership in the tasks and labor that eclipses formal and public recognition. These unsung heroes are the positive role- models for forthcoming generations, as well as young professionals like me.

The motivation gained from these pillars in the IACAC community, coupled with my experiences as a first generation college graduate, serve as a reminder and fuel for my deep commitment and connection to advocacy initiatives. It is my personal charge to continue to stay connected with the communities that I recruit from, counsel, advise and ultimately serve.

As the NACAC College Delegate, I would represent our great association with thoughtfulness, dedication and enthusiasm. Building on the wonderful legacy and precedent set by past IACAC members and our Executive Board, my service also comes with a sensitive ear to hear the concerns of my peers, attentiveness and passionate articulation to rally support for the critical issues that impact our association, communities and students. I am tremendously appreciative of my nomination for the NACAC College Delegate position, and would be honored to serve IACAC and represent the ideas, initiatives and legislation of our distinguished membership.


Lori GreeneLori Greene

Director of Admission, Loyola University Chicago

BS, Spring Hill College (1994);
MBA, University of South Alabama (2000)

IACAC Member: 3 years

Previous Employment:
Loyola University New Orleans, New Orleans, LA (2000–2008), Positions Held: Associate Director of Admission, Senior Associate Director of Admission, Director of Admission, Interim Dean of Admission and Enrollment Management, and Dean of Admission;

Spring Hill College, Mobile, AL (1994–2000), Positions Held: Admission Counselor, Assistant Director of Admission, and Associate Director of Admission

IACAC Activities:
IACAC Middle Management Institute Committee (2010–present);
IACAC Mentorship Committee (2010–present);
IACAC Project Reach Committee (2011–present);
IACAC 2009 Conference Presentation, “Recommendation Letter Writing: Tips from Readers,” co-presenter with Diane Kanney, Director of Admission, Lake Forest College; Shannon Kennedy, Assistant Director of Admission, Northwestern University and Jennifer Motzer, Assistant Director of Admission, Lake Forest College;
IACAC 2012 Conference Presentation, “Build the Brand, but Will They Come?” co-presenter with Tim Heuer, Nicole O’Connell, and Erin Moriarty, representing Loyola University Chicago, Enrollment Management

NACAC Activities:
Admissions Middle Management Institute (AMMI), Faculty Member (2003–2009); Admissions Middle Management Institute (AMMI), Co-Director (2008–2009);
Southern Association of College Admission Counseling, Delegate (2006–2008); NACAC New Orleans College Fair, Pre-Fair Orientation, Committee Co-Chair (March 2002);
NACAC National Conference, Special Events Committee Member (2001); NACAC Presentations: “That was Then, This is Now,” NACAC Conference, Austin, TX (September 2007);
“Recruitment and Retention, Before and After Hurricane Katrina,” NACAC Conference, Pittsburgh, PA (October 2006);
“Dealing with Natural Disasters,” NACAC Conference, Tampa, FL (September 2005)

Other Professional Activities:
Southern Association of College Admission Counseling (SACAC): Delegate (2006–2008);
Board of Directors (2006–2008);
Admissions Practices Committee, Co-Chair (2008);
Nominating Committee, Member (2007–2008);
Ad-Hoc Nominations Committee, Member (2007);
Awards Committee, Member (2006);
Professional Development Committee, Member (2003–2008);
Mentorship Program, Co-Chair (College) (2003–2005);
Dry Run (New Counselor Training), Faculty Member (2001–2005);
College Fair Committee, Member (April 1998);
College Board: “What Every Student, Parent and Legislator Needs to Know About College Costs, Financial Aid and Admissions,” Co-Presenter, National Conference of State Legislators (July 2008);
“Addressing Katrina,” Southern Regional Conference, Orlando, FL (February 2006)

Candidate Statement:

IACAC presents an opportunity to me to grow professionally and to give back to my profession and to my community. A longtime colleague, Aliza Gilbert at Highland Park High School, was one of the first people to welcome me to Chicago in fall 2008. She let me know about the many ways to get involved. Having been involved for many years via the Southern ACAC, I was in search of a new “home.” Thanks to IACAC, I was able to establish first-time connections in Illinois and to learn more about the educational challenges and triumphs within the state as well as the association’s role on a national level. Certainly, there was the added benefit of working with colleagues and developing professional relationships.

I appreciate the chance to join IACAC committees such as mentorship, middle management and now, project reach. In particular, being a part of the committee for the Middle Management Institute is very rewarding. In 1997, NACAC’s Admissions Middle Management Institute solidified my own commitment to the admission profession. Now, here in Illinois, we work to support outstanding professionals within our own organization as they look to make their next professional steps and contributions to college admission.

In my daily work, I am amazed by the number of opportunities offered to young people in pursuit of a college degree and yet know how far we have to go to make it a reality for every student. Thinking back to my own experience, it was difficult just to “get started” in the college selection process. Thankfully, I had a wonderful College Counselor who provided guidance and later served as a mentor given her role within SACAC and NACAC. I strive to build a college admission setting that provides support and access to students and their families. While one institution is certainly not the “fit” for every student, I do find it important to support outreach initiatives. Working with students early in their academic careers helps them to recognize that a college education is not only available, but possible.

I am fortunate to work in a profession of caring individuals. Years ago, I learned first-hand how true that statement was given the circumstances surrounding Hurricane Katrina. At the time, some 500+ colleges and universities stepped up to enroll Loyola New Orleans’ students so they each had the opportunity to go to school in the fall of 2005. One colleague remarked that this was a moment when Deans’ of Admission across the country didn’t ask for a student’s transcript but rather, focused on how to simply make that fall term possible.

I am sincerely interested in serving as an IACAC Delegate. I understand the time commitment and the importance of lending a voice to others in the organization. I bring nearly 18 years of college admission experience and previous experience as a Delegate to NACAC. Thank you for this opportunity and your consideration. I look forward to contributing to IACAC any way I can now and in the years to come.


Rob WaltonRob Walton

Senior Assistant Director of Admission, Northwestern University

BA, Clarke College;
MBA, Elmhurst College

IACAC Member: 10 years

Previous Employment:
Elmhurst College: Assistant Director of Admission (2008), Admission Counselor (2005-2007);
Clarke College, Admission Representative (2002-2005)

IACAC Activities:
Mentorship Committee Co-Chair (current);
First Timers Conference Committee, current Co-Chair (member since 2010);
Membership Committee (2008–2011);
Mentorship Committee (2009–present);
Conference Entertainment Committee (2007);
Presented at annual conference (2005, 2006, 2011)
Annual program participant and IACAC attendee (2003–present)

NACAC Activities:
Attended NACAC 4 times (Milwaukee, Austin, Seattle, and St. Louis);
Represented IACAC Membership Committee at Seattle conference (2008)

Other Professional Activities:
Presented on various admission-related topics at ISAC annual training;
Attended District Seminars (Oakton, Lewis);
Attended College Board Forum in NYC (2011);
Regional Forum Chicago (2010, 2012);
ACT Regional (2006)

Candidate Statement:

What an honor to be nominated as a potential delegate for IACAC! This profession has offered many great opportunities to meet and work with people all over the state and country, and I look forward to the possibility of representing IACAC at the national level. As everyone in this organization knows, nothing is accomplished without the help of many. I really have to thank all of the people who have asked me to help and who have helped me throughout my career thus far. Certainly this includes my colleagues in our office at Northwestern and previous coworkers in my past offices, but it also includes the many friends I have had the pleasure to work with in IACAC in a variety of endeavors. Most fortunately, I also have the support of my wife and family, especially when the hours can get long or the demands on time stretch us to the brink!

Thanks again for this nomination and I look forward to continuing in an active role within both IACAC and NACAC.


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