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New Committee to Study IACAC Board Structure

In the spring of 2010, President Carin Smith created an Ad Hoc Committee to evaluate the IACAC Board Structure. The committee is comprised of Co-Chairs Sandie Gilbert (retired, Highland Park HS) and Maryanne Kelly (Maine South High School), members Nate Bargar (Illinois State University), Bob Murray (Illinois Wesleyan University) and Amy Thompson (York High School). The committee was charged with analyzing the current executive board and committee composition to determine if restructuring would provide a more efficient and organized system that would better suit the needs of our members.

In embarking upon this task, the committee studied not only IACAC’s board structure but those of other NACAC affiliates and NACAC as well. While factoring in new changes, technological advances and new programs, our committee felt strongly we would propose a model that best reflects IACAC’s mission, while leaving room for future growth of the organization.

We also felt it was important to create a structure that cultivated leadership opportunities and encouraged new members to get involved. The committee considered the number of board meetings leaders are required to attend, and how advances in technology can be utilized to facilitate the participation of members who are unable to travel to them.

The committee was excited to share the first draft of a reorganized IACAC board structure with the current executive board at the January board meeting. After taking the board’s feedback into account, we will make any necessary changes to the next draft. In the upcoming March Newsletter, you can expect to see a detailed outline of the proposed structure. In addition, the committee will also host a forum for feedback at the IACAC Annual Conference in May at the Town Hall Meeting. In the fall of 2011 we will invite additional feedback before creating a final draft to take to the Executive Board in November for approval. Any changes to the board structure will be voted on by the general membership at the 2012 Annual Conference before being implemented.

Should you have any questions in the interim, please contact Sandie Gilbert or Maryanne Kelly.

Sandie Gilbert
Retired, Highland Park High School

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