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Project Reach is a service project of IACAC with the goal of providing school supplies, college counseling materials, monetary donations, and other resources to benefit students in need. An Illinois high school is selected each year as the beneficiary of the donations. The school is selected based on nominations from IACAC members by the Project Reach Committee and recognized at the Annual Conference.


Springfield Southeast High School


Hirsch Metropolitan High School and Theodore Roosevelt High School


Marissa Jr./Sr. High School and Phoenix Military Academy


Manley Career Academy and Gage Park High School


Lexington High School and Peoria High School


Legal Prep Academy and Round Lake High School


Dundee-Crown High School and North Lawndale College Prep

IACAC Project Reach Recipients Dundee-Crown North Lawndale College Prep


Kennedy High School and Rauner College Prep

Project Reach 2016 Kennedy High School and Rauner College Prep


Thomas Kelly High School and East Aurora High School

2015 - Thomas Kelly High School and East Aurora High School

Thomas Kelly High School is located right in Chicago and a part of the Chicago Public School system. They have taken significant strides over the years to support their students. Despite overcrowding (nearly 3,200 students ) with over 90% receiving free or reduce lunch and a building that has many uses for community the counseling staff at Kelly recognized despite tough budget cuts know that they have to be all-in! Last year, they were able to secure space and have a postsecondary college counseling space for their students!

East Aurora High School is located in a western suburb of Chicago and serves ~3700 students of that 87% qualify to receive free and reduce lunch. Luckily, this school district has received a grant the offers all students in K-12 free breakfast and lunch. As this school continues working to raise their college-readiness rates and now has over a 60% graduation rate! They too are now able to support their student with a Career Center and still provide additional support to their students in the form of a supply pantry, clothing pantry and food pantry.


Tilden Community Academy and Truman Middle College

At the 2014 IACAC Conference, two institutions were recognized, Tilden Community Academy and Truman Middle College.

2014 - Tilden Community Academy and Truman Middle College

Tilden Community Academy was uniquely nominated eight times by IACAC community members. They have increased attendance and participation in school activities are two examples of many important efforts occurring at Tilden.

Truman Middle College is a public charter school specifically designed to provide an education for students who did not complete their high school degree in the traditional high school setting. Students with staff support have made a conscious decision to put their future first as they focus on their own search of discovery, learning and experience.


Saint Anne Community High School

At the 2013 IACAC Conference, Saint Anne Community High School was recognized for serving just over 200 students in grades 9-12 from Kankakee and Iroquois Counties. Approximately 56% of the students come from diverse ethnic backgrounds and over 70% are from low-income families. Many students are first-generation students who come from poor living conditions including a large number of homeless students.

Project Reach Saint Anne Community High School, Class of 2013


Little Village Lawndale High School

At the 2012 IACAC Conference, Little Village Lawndale High School was recognized for their efforts to make four autonomous small schools, Multicultural Arts HS, World Language HS, Social Justice HS, and Infinity: Math, Science and Technology HS, open to every student with the boundary area and ensure students have access to quality education.


Cairo Junior/Senior High School

In 2011, Cairo Junior/Senior High School was the recipient of Project Reach award. Tornadoes and flooding in the spring of 2011 devastated the small historic town of Cairo in southern Illinois. From the generosity of IACAC members and community businesses, Project Reach raised more than $1,500 and numerous supplies for the students of Cairo.

Project Reach Winner 2011 - Cairo Junior/Senior High School


Bronzeville Academy

Project Reach 2010


Pope County

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