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Bike O'Fun Summer Counselor Tour D'Admission

Bike O’ Fun Tour 2024

Great Western Trail – June 26, 2024

Registration & Cost

  • Thanks to the generous support of IACAC and the host institutions, there is no fee to participate in this tour.
  • Refundable deposit required to register: $25 for IACAC members.
  • The deposit will be refunded in full upon completion of the tour.
  • Please be ready to pay the full deposit with a credit card when registering for quicker refund processing.


  • Each participant is expected get to our initial meeting spot and back home again.
  • Each rider must bring his or her own bicycle, helmet, and other equipment. Potential riders are encouraged to contact the tour organizers with any questions about appropriate gear.
  • Each rider must carry all of their own gear during the ride (no support and gear “SAG” vehicle).
  • Most meals will be provided by host schools.
  • Some meals en route will be quick stops paid for by the individual participant.
  • All campus activities will take place outdoors; however, participants should bring a mask and adhere to guidelines when on campus.


  • Registration is open to the first 10 participants.  
  • Additional participants will be placed on a waitlist.

Tour Contacts

Sarah McDougal
Fenton High School
(630) 860-4811

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