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College Navigators

Wednesdays @ 7 pm

June 15-July 31

In lieu of an in-person summer program, the College Awareness and Preparation (CAP) Committee is proud to present our College Navigators Online Program as an alternative summer program for Summer 2020. College Navigators will offer selected rising high school seniors from underserved and first-generation backgrounds access to “College Navigators” along with a series of topic based webinars related to a variety of college readiness topics.  Each student participant will be placed into a “mentee pod” which will be led by two mentors who will lead students through a series of webinars and pod group meetings. We will meet once a week from June 15-July 31. As an incentive for participation, we will offer students who meet participation requirements the opportunity to be considered for an academic scholarship.

Participants will be required to participate on the days listed below. If students are unable to participate, they must notify their mentor to be excused. Sessions will be held every Wednesday at 7:00 pm from June 15-July 31. Students will be required to attend the dates outlined below, and will have an opportunity to meet with their mentors on a bi-weekly basis for additional resources.

We are very excited about our new program, and we ask our IACAC community to please share this program widely with all your students, specifically any rising seniors. We can take into consideration rising juniors if there is an interest. If you have any questions about the program, please reach out to the CAP committee at

Program Schedule

  • June 15/17: Welcome Week- About Program/College Planning (only 1 date is required)
  • June 24: Finding your fit – Major
  • July 1: College Type Creating your Fit
  • July 8: Application Process-Essay Writing/Testing vs. Test Optional
  • July 15: Finding Your Resource Networks
  • July 22: Financial Aid
  • July 29: Mental Health & Self care as a student
  • July 27: Parent Wrap-up TENTATIVE
  • July 31: Graduation Day


Choose from any of the following prompts for your essay. There is no word count requirement, feel free to write as much as you need.

  1. How have you changed since your first day in high school, and what types of changes do you anticipate in college?
  2. Describe an individual who has in some ways had a significant impact or influence on you. How have they affected your educational and career goals?
  3. How has COVID-19 affected your educational journey and what have you done to adapt to these changes?

Student Application

To apply, the student application, essay, and parent waiver must be submitted by Friday, June 5, 2020.

Parent Waiver

To be considered, the student application, essay, and parent waiver must be submitted by Friday, June 5, 2020.

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