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College Advising Guide for Undocumented Students > Northern Illinois University

Updated: December 2014

Does your college knowingly admit undocumented students?


Would you advise the disclosure of their status in the application process through their essay or counselor recommendation?


Contact person for undocumented students, parents, and counselors:

Shevon Porter
Chicago-Based Admissions Counselor
(312) 758-1268

Do you have institutional aid or merit/talent based scholarships for which an undocumented student would be eligible?


How would an undocumented student apply for financial assistance or a need-based scholarship at your institution? Are they required to complete a CSS Profile or an institutional financial aid application in lieu of a FAFSA?

There is currently no institutional financial assistance for undocumented students. However, students are encouraged to speak with Shevon Porter in Admissions or our Latino Resource Center for guidance on applying for external scholarships.

When completing the question on the application regarding citizenship is there an applicable choice such as “non-citizen” or “other” and if not, should they leave the question blank? Is a blank field permitted when completing an online application?

Students will be asked if they are a U.S. Citizen (answer:no). Then: if they are a legal permanent resident (answer: no). Then: questions pertaining to HB 60/ IL Dream Act.

How should an undocumented student answer the question regarding social security number? Should they use zeros or leave it blank? Again, is a blank field permitted when submitting an online application?

If you answer the above questions truthfully/ accurately, you will not be asked for a Social Security Number. Do NOT use your DACA ID#. Undocumented students will need to provide an affidavit to qualify for in-state tuition:

Can students submit an online application if they are paying the application fee with a fee-waiver?


If undocumented students are required to complete a paper application, do the online instructions direct them to do so?


Do any state laws exist that restrict an unauthorized student’s access to higher education or could cause them to feel generally unsafe living within the state?


Are there any institutional policies that exist at your college requiring administrators to report a student’s status?


Do you believe that the mission of your institution creates an environment where an undocumented student would be embraced and feel welcome on your campus?


Make sure to submit a notarized affidavit in order to receive in-state tuition! Affidavit is found here:

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