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Postsecondary Representatives:

CPS will continue to have representatives of multiple postsecondary pathways (college/university, military, trade/career, Gap-Year, etc.) to complete a background check screening before accessing district schools. All postsecondary representatives will be required to complete the screening Google form linked here: Postsecondary Screening Form. The submission results are accessed immediately by the Safety and Security Office so to expedite the screening and eventual approval to attend/host supervised school-based postsecondary events and activities. Once a representative has been cleared, the clearance is for all schools district-wide and good for the entire academic year. CPS will begin to accept screening submissions for the following 2019 – 2020 academic year on June 30, 2019.

Important steps:

  • Communication of the screening protocol to postsecondary representatives is a school level responsibility. All school counselors have access to the clearance report for postsecondary visits and are your official point of contact. I recommend representatives confirm clearance prior to your first CPS campus visit. Again, if you receive clearance for one CPS school you are cleared to visit all CPS campuses.
  • The CPS Office of Safety and Security have dedicated team members (M – F, 9 am – 5 pm) with access to the submission form information needed to successfully complete your Level 2 background check (registry checks, etc. – no fingerprint checks). The screening process will typically take 48 – 72 hours from the point of submission. Please note: No screenings will take place on weekends or holidays.
  • If scheduled to participate in a school-based activity and you have not received clearance confirmation from the school please email the school counselor and copy All screening submissions generate an electronic date/time stamped submission receipt that you can reference.
  • This process will eliminate the need for representatives participating in school visits/fairs/workshops to complete the Volunteer Level II process required for individuals seeking to be school level volunteers or program partners.
  • Representatives are required to present an official state, military or employee photo identification (ID) before full entry into the building. Failure to present valid identification will result in being denied access. Some CPS campus administrators require the maintaining of a photocopy of a visitor’s ID. Please confirm with the school counselor if this is their school level policy when scheduling your visit.

We want to ensure our students have direct access to postsecondary opportunities. This process maintains the district’s commitment to ensuring our learning environments are free from sexual violence, harassment, and discrimination. If you have additional questions, please contact Manuel French at or Patrick Milton at

Manuel French
Director of School Counseling


Office of School Counseling and Postsecondary Advising
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